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by Philip Scott

After the Gold Coast South African Rugby team was featured in Issue 17 of SAbona (Australian Springboks?), Melbourne took up the challenge and the city now has its own South African rugby team – the Melbourne South African Rugby (MSAR) team.

With the hundreds of thousands of South Africans in Australia, it is no wonder that rugby communities are popping up all over the place. Of course, as South Africans, we all share the same culture and heritage: We love braais, we love to have a few beers and we love hanging out with good friends. And the one event where you can have braais, beers and friends all under one roof is when watching or playing a game of rugby.

The short-term goals of the MSAR team include social touch rugby teams, beach rugby teams and before long a full fledged club rugby team!

The MSAR team was the initiative of managers Travis Sutherland, Tjaart Bosua and Neville Howard and team captain Brendan Norris. While they're still working on putting together the infrastructure and resources to coordinate the team, they're off to a flying start having made the finals to the Melbourne Beach Rugby Tournament that was held in March.

They still need a register of players, supporters and sponsors willing to support the initiative. Every person who can contribute to the incentive will ultimately add value to the end product. Let's take this opportunity to stand together and really get this Melbourne South African Rugby Team off the ground.
With Victoria in line to join the Super 15 in 2011, there has never been a better opportunity than now for young players to join the ranks and filter to the top of the ladder in the years to come. The MSAR team wants to make it happen, and with our help they can!

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Posted by Philip Scott
12 Apr 2010

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