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by Christine Walker
So now you have started up your business in this new beautiful land you call home... the question arises… How do you get clients?
Here in Australia, and in fact world wide, the growing trend is more and more towards networking. One on one, face to face, meeting withother like minded business people, all there with one idea, growing relationships and growing their business.
Networking is probably one of the easier things women can do and for a woman in business probably the most valuable.Most women socialise easily once they have plucked up the courage to actually get out of their comfort zone and go to a networking event. To succeed in the small or large business arena here in Australia as a woman, networking is a must.
If you work alone and can't take time off during the day for a lunch, then get up early and go to the breakfasts. There are so many networking groups around. It is a good idea to go to as many as possible before you make your choice to find the ones that are the best for growing your type of business.
For example: If your business is a small home industries type of business its not going to work for you to join some of the larger groups that cater to CEO's of large companies.They are not looking for beaded handbags or natural based makeup, they are more interested in meeting other CEO's that can introduce them to larger business connections.
On the other hand if you are a CEO of a larger company then the larger groups would suit you down to the ground.
Most networking groups charge quite high fees to join so you must be sure that the ones you do join are going to be beneficial to your future growth. Ask those who are at the meeting what the group has achieved and if it has been beneficial to them. The group needs to be able to add value to your business and help you grow as a business person.
Networking is about building relationships, its about helping others achieve their goals first and in the process you achieve yours. Don't go to a networking function with the idea of taking. Go to listen, to learn, to participate and lastly to give.
I look for people I can give referrals to. When you give someone a referral, straight away their walls go down and they respond to you positively. You might not get a referral from them straight away, but you will.
There are some excellent groups around that will teach you so much about the importance of networking and how to network, how to be an effective net worker and how to get the most out of every meeting.
I have developed relationships with two individuals I met in one group who have subsequently brought me so many new business referrals I have lost count. Now over 65% of my business comes from networking. You are the best advert for your business and when networking your enthusiasm for your product or service is what will gain you more and more clients.
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Posted by Christine Walker
01 Jun 2007

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