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by Simone Sleep N.D

8 Easy Steps to Health and Wellbeing

Does the following story sound familiar to you? A true example is of an elderly couple I know (65 and 63 years of age). A number of years ago the husband took his wife into emergency because of chest pain and shortness of breath. Tests were performed and she was admitted to Prince Charles Hospital.

After more tests their worst nightmare came true. She had 3 arteries 70 to 90% blocked and needed immediate open heart surgery. A hollow sick feeling came over the husband because only 3 months before he had to let go of their private health insurance because of lack of funds.

Now they had a terrible choice. One choice was to come up with $78,000 for the operation to be done privately or to be put on the waiting list for some 3-6 months. What a dilemma. What would you choose? To cut a long story short, they opted for preventative care while waiting for the operation. 10 years after the operation all is still going well. The operation cost $78,000 and the taxpayer picked up the bill. (Someone has to pay and yes I am grateful we do have such a system-slow as it may be).

However it is proven that heart disease is reversible if you take preventative steps. “Prevention Care” is definitely better than “Crisis Care”.

8 Prevention Care Steps You Can Start Doing Now:

1) Always shop around the outside aisles of a supermarket because that is where all the fresh food is kept. The middle aisles contain packaged and tinned food filled with nasty preservatives, colours and fillers. We call these “disease causing” foods.

2) Avoid imitation foods, follow the list provided of what not to buy:
• Refined grains (white flour, white rice etc).
• Unnatural fats (margarine which is one molecule away from being pure plastic, Olean, vegetable oils, canola oil etc) and processed foods in general.
• Lean meats (skinless chicken or poultry products, beef or lamb with fat trimmed off etc)
• Processed cheeses (no cheese food or cheeses made with vegetable oils etc).
• Big NO for Refined sugars (pasteurised honey, white/brown sugar, confectioner's sugar, fructose etc). Diabetes is our next epidemic for mankind.
• Low Fat or skim dairy products (skim milk, low fat milk, light butter, low fat cheeses, non fat or low fat yoghurts etc). These products contain high sugar levels to satisfy your taste buds. Good fat feeds you over time and is very tasty.
• No Processed meats (various luncheon meats, hot dogs, etc), or imitation meats (soy protein powder, soy hot dogs etc).

3) Always exercise before eating a big hearty breakfast. This will keep your blood sugar levels down all day and you still burn fat while sleeping. Eat lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. So start the day with a big meal and end the day with a small meal.

4) An example of a good breakfast MUST include eggs (not fried as it denatures the protein), left over casseroles, lamb cutlets, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, avocado, full fat cottage cheese and bacon. Good levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates to keep you going all day. Eggs can help the body eliminate bad cholesterol.

5) Stay away from fish today as it is a food group that contains traces of Mercury, which can do damage to your bodies. Unfortunately all fish today, have traces of mercury, yes that's correct all fish. For example: shark, billfish and tuna.

6) Eat butter made from cream – not found in plastic containers. Saturated fat in butter actually enhances our immune function, protects the liver from toxins, provides nourishment for the heart in times of stress and aids in the proper utilization of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

7) Where possible buy clean, range-fed/ Pasture-fed, hormone-free meats. The meat is usually more expensive but worthwhile investment and tastes much better.

8) Practice forgiveness daily – do I need to say anything more! If you are feeling overwhelmed with what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, basically foods that kill and foods that heal. Don't despair there is a “Foods That Kill Seminar” (QLD) that will teach you exactly what to get from our local supermarkets and where to get organics; plus the hard cold facts about manufacturers doing sneaky things to our food. Not to be missed as seating is limited. Please reserve your seat for the January seminar, dates and time to be advised soon.

About Simone Sleep N.D Specialist in Diabetes

Clinic at Main Beach, Gold Coast

Simone came from outback farm land in Victoria, eating homemade butter, lamb chops and eggs for breakfast. Living off the land and learning how to cook at an early age has become a life long passion to teach others to eat correctly for long term health.

Simone has extensive knowledge and experience in the health and wellness industry since 1994 starting out as a fitness instructor and learning massage. This fuelled her hunger to learn more about the body and how to feed it correctly. She qualified as a Naturopath in 1997. She missed her graduation to become the first student at the Shanghai No. 1 Medical University/ Hospital in China to study Advanced Medical Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

From there Simone furthered her studies with Dr Sam Queen from Colorado to understand blood biochemistries. After suffering from pesticide and mercury poisoning, she completed the Free Radical Therapy program, which turned her health around. It was then a natural progression to help people in the same position with their health problems.

Simone now has a busy practice at Main Beach helping many people.

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Posted by Simone Sleep N.D
19 Dec 2008

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