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Although we appreciate the thought behind the gift, not all gifts suit our taste, size or needs. We don't want to hurt the giver's feelings so we accept the gift graciously. What do we do with all these unwanted gifts we accumulate that only collect dust or get hidden away for months? In the 21st century, we regift. It's okay to regift, but there is an etiquette to it. If you do it for the right reasons, not simply to save money, it's perfectly acceptable.

There is an artful process to regifting. It would be dreadful if the recipient forgot who it came from, rewrapped it, tagged it and gave back to the original giver. Ideally, keep a list of things you intend to regift with the original giver's name. Keep the item in good condition. It might be wise to allot a special drawer or chest for your regifts.
Don't regift anything that has been worn, used, damaged or has an expiration date. Wine and liquer are perfect regifts. Foodstuffs like tins of nuts or coffees are not. Nor are bath salts, moisturizers and soaps. These items have a short life. Recycle only gifts you know the recipient will appreciate. Don't regift anything you, yourself think is tacky and you just want to pawn it off on someone else. Those are the wrong reasons for regifting. Consider the item and who you'd like it give it to.

Would they appreciate it? Dust off the box you received it in. Remove all the original gift wrapping. Be sure the item is still in good condition. Buy something new to compliment the gift. Wrap it nicely. Put some thought into it. Regifting is not a faux pas. It is a perfectly good way to recycle and offer something your recipient will enjoy.

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19 Dec 2008

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