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Most of us immigrate for our children's' sake, to give our children a better chance and to keep them safe. If, after a while, we find our children do not adapt to their new life so easily and especially if they fall victim to bullying, we wonder if it was the right thing to take them from their familiar surroundings to a place where they do not have support and security.

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Posted by Helena Pretorius
02 Jun 2010
Previously featured in Sabona for their outstanding success in producing some quality Karate Kids, Brian and Trisha Humphreys have been practicing karate for the past 40 years. Brian has attained the rank of 5th and Dan and Trisha 4th. Brian obtained Springbok colours in 1971, when he represented South Africa in Europe. Now their children and grand children are all practicing karateka, making it three generations currently training.
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Posted by Brian Humphreys
13 Jun 2008
Most kids are encouraged to be active and play sports as part of a healthy lifestyle and to avoid the ever growing pandemic of childhood obesity. One noticeable difference about schools in Australia is their emphasis on sports (or lack of). Unless your kids are attending a school that places a priority on sports, then your kids are probably not getting the opportunities they should be, to get involved in their favourite sports. Organised kids sport tends to be the starting point for many children’s involvement.
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Posted by Liesel Rennie
13 Jun 2008

Uprooting oneself and moving across the world is a daunting challenge for even the toughest of us. And of course, one of the great concerns of any parent moving

countries has to be, “What will life be like for my children in this new land?” Happily, there are more and more stories of ex-South African children not only loving their new home, but achieving above and beyond their dreams in a place that offers so much opportunity to the young. Take for example the Theron family who have in the last four years, seen their daughters jump to the dizzying heights of success in competitive trampolining.
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Posted by Loren Nel
03 Apr 2008
I am constantly amazed at the resilience and courage that I see demonstrated by immigrant teenagers that I teach. It seems to be the nature of young people to have strength like a willow tree;
the ability to be flexible, to bend but not break.
Posted in kids | King`s Christian College
Posted by Loren Nel
01 Jun 2007
Young kids with South African heritage are making their mark in Australian Private Schools. Affectionately referred to as SAussies, they can often be found in the top sports teams, top academic achievers, and in the school leadership.
Liezel Deysel and Montana Scott, two students from Kings Christian College on the Gold Coast, are a perfect example of this. Liezel is school captain of the primary school and Montana leadership captain. Liezel has performed well in English, taking top honors every year in her favourite subject, while Montana scored in the top 1% in Queensland in science.
Posted in kids | Kings College
Posted by Philip Scott
01 Apr 2007
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