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One of the toughest people to win over (when I'm talking business and/or systems of course), is my wife!
I'd be the first to admit that I am not normally the most organised person in the world ... which according to her is why I need systems! And she's right! If it wasn't for the systems we've implemented our businesses would be a mess.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
11 Apr 2012
I made a very bold statement today when I was talking to a new client about developing systems for them.
"We don't ever make any mistakes"
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
03 Apr 2012
I've been talking a lot about systems to help make your business more efficient.
I believe these systems are crucial when it comes to running a profitable business. Of course, if you don't have any business to start with ... it doesn't help you much!
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Posted by Philip Scott
26 Mar 2012
It's funny (well it is to me) how sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads our newsletters ... and then one week we don't send out a newsletter and no-one shows up for breakfast!
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
20 Mar 2012
We have all heard the saying that the most important asset of any business is its employees, and yet, when it comes to buying a business, employment issues are commonly overlooked with due diligence usually focussed on financial performance.
Posted in business |
Posted by Mark Bunch
07 Mar 2012
While we may be talking restaurants and printing businesses of late, my intention is give you some food for thought on how you can implement systems in your own business, no matter what type of business!
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
22 Feb 2012
A bit of a deviation this week .... I'm not going to tell you about our systems at Island Printing :) I want to talk instead about restaurants and coffee shops.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
16 Feb 2012
Oh and I just HAVE to tell you about the next stage in our systems development! You didn't think it was going to stop at quoting did you?
Once we started winning all these now jobs (on top of the jobs that came in as re-orders!) we needed to make sure we stay on top of things!
I can't say they didn't previously have a system ... they did.Most new jobs had a little job bag with notesstored in it, samples etc. Good idea hey?
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
31 Jan 2012
Wow, what a week!
We've been doing a lot of quotes using our new quote system, and improving it a little as we go.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
24 Jan 2012
Last week I told you how had to move equipment around to arrange them in a more logical order.
The next step was to identify where most of the time wasting occurs so we can make the business more efficient. Yes I know bringing in business is vital, but we did not want to get into that spiral where you end up busy being busy.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
18 Jan 2012
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