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It dawned on me that the outlaws had left when I noticed that the recycle bin was less than half full of empty bottles on collection day and my tapeworm has been very restless of late. It was sad to say good buy to the ‘old tops’ as the house feels strangely empty but looks like a cyclone moved through it over the weekend and no international relief aid evident this morning. Last week included some historical events in our family beginning with the discovery of a chicken egg in the chook cage. Considering the bantam’s egg was easily as large as one found in the jumbo pack at the supermarket I have my suspicions that she has either been struggling over the last few weeks to dilate her sphincter or Oupa had a quiet chuckle to himself on the plane home. Next was Keal who lost his first tooth for which the tooth mouse paid handsomely.
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Posted by Anonymous
29 Oct 2008
“You’ll never really fit in there”, he told me. Now Patrick was a friend from my old high school in P.E. We were paddling out for a sunset surf at J-Bay when I told him I’m heading off to Australia. He tells me I will need a support system of friends and it will be ex -South Africans that will provide that. He knows because he tried it himself and went back. The Jeffreys Bay Boardriders Club logo on my surfboard is all that now reminds me of those prophetic words.
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Posted by Dr. Dave Robinson
29 Oct 2008
We have had several requests from those still planning their immigration to Australia for a checklist of THINGS TO DO. Following is the first part of a 100 step process that the average immigrant would need to follow. Obviously every person’s circumstances differ and everything may not apply to everyone. Furthermore, some things are not required for some visas. And then there is the point that the list is never complete, but these steps would be the most important things and should be a great help to anyone immigrating to Australia. The information provided below is based on various posts from the www.saaustralia.org forums. Credit belongs to the forum members.
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Posted by Liesel Rennie
20 Aug 2008
Peter Niemandt and his family arrived in Melbourne in 2001 where he now lives in Surrey Hills. Currently he is a Strategic Consultant with the world renown ANZ Breakout/Learning and Culture Team where his primary focus is to strategically consult with Executive and Senior teams in order to influence the delivery of their business imperatives and assisting them to outperform. When he works with teams he draws on his life and& business experiences to connect with groups in a deep and impactful way In his spare time, Peter has his private pilot’s license (helicopters). He has run the Comrades Marathon twice, completed the Ironman triathlon three times. He has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, circumnavigated Pemba (Zanzibar, East Africa) in a sea kayak and recently walked the Kokoda Track ….and that is just to name a few of his achievements and adventures!
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Posted by Peter Niemandt
15 Aug 2008
Along with the excitement and promise of a new country, migrants from different nations are often faced with similar issues; disruption to family life, a nagging sense of uprootedness and dislocation, challenges in dealing with a new infrastructure and bureaucracy, cultural codes and cues that are not documented and can only be discovered by engaging in daily social life.
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Posted by Stella Horgan
14 Aug 2008
For everyone who has immigrated to Australia you will know how much of an emotional roller coaster the entire experience can be. As a seventeen-year-old boy from Port Elizabeth who prefers a life of structure, the immigration experience has been all the more daunting for me.
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Posted by Christopher Da Silva
13 Jun 2008
This is the last instalment of a three-part series by Annemarie de Villiers giving practical advice on steps to take before emigrating to Australia. She was born and raised in Johannesburg, and is an expat mom of two active boys. She left South Africa nine years ago for the Netherlands, but after six years decided to go on a fabulous adventure and moved to Seoul, South Korea. A year ago she relocated to Sydney. To read the first and second parts of this series visit www.sabona.com.au/0307
Posted in migration |
Posted by Annemarie de Villiers
12 Jun 2008
This is the second installment of a three-part series by Annemarie de Villiers giving practical advice on steps to take before emigrating to Australia. She speaks from experience as an expat born and raised in Johannesburg. She left South Africa nine years ago for the Netherlands, but after six years decided to go on a fabulous adventure and moved to Seoul, South Korea. A year ago they relocated to Sydney, where she lives in the Hills District. Annemarie is also the editor of a blog called Austrangelia: http://austrangelia.blogspot.com/
Posted in migration | Annemarie`s Blog
Posted by Annemarie de Villiers
02 Apr 2008

Do you have friends and family still in Zimbabwe? Here are a few ways you can help them…..  

With my parents still stuck in Zimbabwe I have been proactive in finding ways to send them goodies. I have three ways that seem to work very well ….so far. While some of them are not cheap the joy and relief these parcels and envelopes bring our loved ones back home, is immeasurable.
Posted in migration | Zim Post
Posted by Tracey Purdon
15 Feb 2008
Immigration is one of the top stresses along with divorce, major illness or death of a loved one. Immigrants to Australia have to face - at the very least - new, unfamiliar surroundings, loss of contact with loved long-term family members and friends, loss of a secure job along with financial strain. In some cases, the stress of immigration can result in anxiety, sleep disruptions,depression, increase in addictive behaviors, relationship strain, etc.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Katie Richard
01 Aug 2007
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