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Your tax accountant in your newly adopted country was horrified to learn about the house/ property owned by your South African trust? It gets even more complicated if the property is registered in a close corporation (CC)/ company which is owned by that trust.

Have you been stung by the not-so-friendly double tax agreements, which allow you to be taxed on the rental income in two countries but denies you any tax credit?

Posted in migration |
Posted by Mariette Janse van Rensburg
27 Aug 2012

Negotiating an expat or international contract is something you need to do right the first time. The impact of not getting it right will see you in an awkward and uncomfortable position for the full duration of the contract – usually around 3 years.

Hindsight is wonderful, and here is some hindsight we are sure would help you.

Posted in migration |
Posted by Robyn Vogels
10 Nov 2011
An international relocation will always have hidden costs, despite your best efforts. That does not mean you should not try though! Saving money where you can will be worth it, so when those hidden costs occur, you can ride the storm.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Robyn V - Personnel Relocations
20 Oct 2011
Hi, hullo, howzit, groete, aangename kennis, never mind Australian greetings, which could include anything from Hey to Giday!
Posted in migration | Psychologist
Posted by Ruane Lipkie
06 Oct 2011
Migration is a complex and dynamic part of life. It presents some of the greatest challenges and the most fulfilling rewards a person can face.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Romy Wasserman
30 Sep 2011
I really enjoyed the list “100 things to do before you emigrate” from this website, and found it very useful as a check-list to make sure we had everything covered before and during the move. I have been in Perth for a year now, working in the investment team for a large government super fund, and thought I'd share 10 tips (mainly with a financial slant) on useful things I discovered to help save a few $ and make settling in easier.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Edwin Schultz
08 Sep 2011

It was with shock and horror that I first heard about the murder of Luc Mombers and Kobus and Annatjie Snyman in Adelaide.

My first thoughts were: they left South Africa to escape violence, how dreadful that they should find it here in Australia. I am sure that I speak for all of us when I say that our hearts go out in compassion to the remaining members of this devastated family.

Posted in migration |
Posted by Deanna Pitchford
11 Aug 2011

I can honestly say that I've seen more snakes in the two plus years I've been in Australia, than I did in my forty-something years in South Africa.

Posted in migration |
Posted by Marcia Mattushek
17 Sep 2010

I'm sure that South Africa has a few deadly spiders, but I can't say I've ever seen one of them. Apart from the perpetual Daddy Long-legs in every corner of my South African garage, and the occasional rain spider giving me a heart attack because of its sheer size and hairiness, I had never had to contemplate something that small being potentially deadly.

Posted in migration |
Posted by Marcia Mattushek
08 Sep 2010
We were told – by friends, family and even one person at the removals that you can't bring certain things. After checking and from our own experience, we have found out the following…
Posted in migration |
Posted by Anonymous
08 Sep 2010
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