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How do you respond when hearing frightening statistics like these?

Reported statistics of the AIDS/HIV pandemic in South Africa
Posted in community | Australia AIDS South Africa Inc
Posted by Oscar Visagie
06 Oct 2011
Federal member for North Sydney Joe Hockey, sporting legend Laurie Daley and Mrs Australia, Karen Gee, are among the North Shore pizza lovers supporting a fun charity event for South African AIDS orphans next month.
Posted in community |
Posted by Lisa Mayoh
30 Sep 2011
Zimfest is a celebration of food, music and culture. It brings together all members of the community and allows businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their goods and services, as well as creating the opportunity for entertainers to perform and show off their talents. It started off as a small festival in London and has continued to grow ever since, spreading to cities around the world.
Posted in community | Foundations for Farming : Foundations for Farming
Posted by Jackie Robinson
16 Sep 2011
We received the following request from Veronica Prins:


Posted in community |
Posted by John Winters and Carmie Olowoyo
26 Aug 2011

The Hunter African Communities Council is hosting a spectacular celebration in October called “Halala the City of Newcastle. Africans from eleven different countries who live in the Hunter wish to join together in bringing their amazing music and dance to Newcastle. It's a showcase of diverse cultures, rich cultural heritage and traditions as there will be collaborations of African, Indian and Aboriginal music and dance.

Posted in community |
Posted by Shakila Kader
11 Aug 2011

A group of Australians, based in Sydney, have formed an association to support a group of women in Durban who are on the front line helping children that have been sexually and physically abused.

Posted in community |
Posted by Anonymous
01 Aug 2010

Zimbabwe-born Ionna Vlachos is embarking on an epic fundraising adventure by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in February. The challenge is on behalf of Cure Cancer Australia, an organisation that is dedicated to funding outstanding young researchers as they break new ground towards a cure for cancer. The 12 day adventure will see Ionna trekking through some of the world's most diverse landscapes, camping under the stars, passing through glaciers and ice cliffs and pushing to the summit of the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Posted in community |
Posted by Anonymous
13 Jul 2010

Dan’s had good results from seed packets bought from an Australian seed company called Green Harvest. The seeds are under the name Cucirbito Pepo (gem squash). The website address is www.greenharvest.com.au.

Posted in community |
Posted by Anonymous
22 Jun 2010

Starting out from Harare at 5am on Easter Friday, we were all eager to get to the Andora Harbour launch at Kariba and onto our houseboat, Tahilla.

Posted in community |
Posted by Jenna Armand
08 Jun 2010

The Brisbane-based South African Australian Multicultural Association's Carnival Band recently recorded a South African medley that has been included in a CD called Songs of Hope.

Posted in community |
Posted by Anonymous
08 Jun 2010
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