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IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championships is the highest profile IRONMAN triathlon event outside of the World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and is in Melbourne for the second year running. Only 2200 competitors are able to take part in this gruelling event, which has already made history by selling out individual competitor places in a world record time of less than FOUR minutes.

Posted in lifestyle | Personnel Relocations
Posted by Robyn V
15 Mar 2013

Christmas is nearly upon us (in case you failed to notice all the signage and bling that's been adorning every retail outlet ever since Easter!) and as if you didn't have enough to worry about, spare a thought for your pets at this time. If you're anything like my mother, your pet probably gets its own Christmas present and individual plum pudding, but this can be a hazardous time for pets, so I've put together a Christmas survival check list to ensure your pets get through this time smoothly.

Posted in lifestyle | Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery
Posted by Justin Ward
21 Dec 2012
‘Where am I?' Cindy puzzled for a fleeting moment while drifting between an almost tangible dream and the reality of waking to a new morning. Everything around her was static – nothing moved. No wizzing traffic around her, no scurry of last-minute packing nor frenzy of weighing suitcases – tugging out that pair of shoes squashed in at the bottom and tipping the scales to a disadvantage - or lugging around of a laptop which belonged on top of which suitcase? Just static. Stillness. A real bed. No tight curled-up squeeze in the seat of a ‘plane. But then that had been several days before and only now, her days seemed to be recognizable and strangely unchanged.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Charlotte Stevens
20 Mar 2012
Australian Wallaby and Western Force flanker, author and charity worker, David Pocock, 23 years old, has been honoured today with recognition on a special issue of stamps, Australian Legends, celebrating Australia's greatest in the football codes. David has been recognized for both his performance over 40 tests and his tireless charity work.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Guest
20 Jan 2012
When we first arrived in Australia back in 1998 one of the first things that caught my attention was the high prices for jewellery. (I am actually a computer guy but used to make jewellery as a hobby in South Africa)
Posted in lifestyle | Mikes Designs
Posted by Kevin Bowden
10 Dec 2011
The plane droned on. Seat lights were dimmed and there was a subdued atmosphere on board. Was this due to the fact that many passengers were heading on home, leaving their loved-ones behind, as she was? Or perhaps this was just her imagination.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Charlotte Stevens
02 Dec 2011

As the runaway winner of the 2010 John Eales Medal, the Australia's Choice 2010 Qantas Wallaby of the Year and recipient of the Rugby Union Players Association Medal of Excellence, David Pocock is an outstanding rugby player and at only 23 years of age is the man the rugby world is watching.

This spectacular rise, incredible talent and fierce determination to succeed is encapsulated in OPENSIDE - MY JOURNEY TO THE RUGBY WORLD CUP, David's insight into the world of rugby union.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by David Pocock
10 Nov 2011

Talking Bottle Shops

I remember the days when buying alcohol/wine had a real ‘air of occasion'! You only bought wines if you were having a dinner party! Maybe that was before I discovered quite how delightful a good glass of red can be!

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Jean Wethmar
03 Nov 2011

The consequences of ‘modern' agriculture practices are vast: soil degradation, water pollution, health problems and global changes are just some of the repercussions of today's agriculture system. Clean up agriculture and you have an immediate impact on all these issues.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Simone Sleep
03 Nov 2011

Just 240 kilometres south of the Australian continent lies the beautiful little unspoilt gem of Tasmania. This island state has a population of around 500,000, most of whom reside around the capital Hobart. Whilst Hobart is a lively city, about 40% of Tasmania consists of largely undiscovered areas contained in protected reserves and natural heritage sites. Despite covering such a small area (just over 68,000 square kilometres), Tasmania is immensely diverse and offers some of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the world. Whether you like lounging in one of the many quaint coffee shops, dining in an excellent restaurant whilst watching the sunset, bushwalking across unspoilt nature, sailing or just enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon at the world famous Salamanca Market, Tasmania will delight you with a surprise around each and every corner.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Blyde Neser
27 Oct 2011
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