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As I have said before, BK is not a political person: the doings of the leaders of this country, your country and the old country can only be described as a dark and mysterious art, resembling smoke and mirrors.

They must know what they are doing and how they are going to do it, because to BK it looks as they are walking around a dark room with a blindfold, but at the end of the day everything is still the same as it was yesterday and the day before.

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Posted by Bosveld Koos
16 Feb 2008
I spent last Valentines Day with my wife, in sabona romance My FunnyValentine I spent last Valentines Day with my wife, in sabona romance Bermagui, South Coast NSW. We were camping! I know, you would think I could pay for a decent room on February 14th, but I am really tight like that.
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Posted by Swartberg
15 Feb 2008

‘Having gone around the sun a few times on this spaceship called earth and recently celebrating just such a birthday, BK finds himself in a strange mood today.’

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Posted by Bosveld Koos
23 Nov 2007
It’s a good thing BK kept his old army uniform – since the World Cup is being played in France, the beret might just come in handy. Mind you, they have a habit of kissing each other – and even if it’s on the cheeks, it’s still not something that BK would enjoy, if you know what I mean.
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Posted by Bosveld Koos
08 Aug 2007

We were rudely woken up this morning, on my 4th month and my wife Bianca’s 2nd month anniversary of being in Australia, with gun shots. Can you believe it, the baddy obviously needs practice cos both shots missed what ever he was shooting at? Big news over the weekend was a car hijacking with the guy using a knife.

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Posted by Andre,
01 Aug 2007
You know when you take part in a psychological experiment and you show up and there’s nobody there? And you wonder if it’s part of the experiment? Well, this morning BK feels a bit like that. I mean, how do they decide who plays against who in the Rugby World Cup? Who is in the same pool? Do they draw lots, or spit in their hands and hit it to see which way it flies (like we used to do as kids when we were lost in
the veld…)
Posted in humour | www.bosveldkoos.com
Posted by Bosveld Koos
01 Jun 2007
‘n Boer maak ‘n plan!
BK has the solution to the drought problem in Aus – elect him “praaim minister!” John How-again and that other poepol thinks the answer lies with making more water, but BK knows…the answer is in using the water you have better.
Posted in humour | More of Bosveld Koos
Posted by Bosveld Koos
01 Apr 2007
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