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This is probably a ‘chain' email, but thanks to Marlene who sent it to us.

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Posted by Unknown
01 Sep 2010
A few days ago while driving along the beautiful Sunshine Coast I mentioned to my partner that I was feeling a bit homesick. “That's odd,” he said. “How can you feel homesick when you don't really have a place that you call home?”
Posted in humour |
Posted by Kama J Frankling
08 Jun 2010

It was a terrible two days, back in 1980 in Port Elizabeth. My dentist expected me to go back the following week to have the wisdom teeth on the left removed, but after he yanked out those on the right hand side and I spent the next two days in agony, I never went back. I've avoided the dentist chair as far as possible ever since.

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Posted by Dr Dave Robinson
12 Apr 2010


Our African safari is now a wonderful memory. As much as Australia is now our home, Africa will always be the red clay around our roots and the sights, sounds and smells of the bushveld is a tonic that needs regular topping up.

We tackled the trade winds across the Indian Ocean to spend our holidays in deepest darkest Africa.

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Posted by Migrant Saffa
12 Apr 2010

“Life is one great adventure and you have it in the power of your mind to make it the greatest adventure of all time. You only have one life, so it is up to you to make it the best you can. My life has been stupendous and it just seems to keep getting better and better, it is only now that I realize why. It's because I have always had mindset energy – the will and the determination to get up and go.

Posted in humour |
Posted by Diane Carter
09 Feb 2010

In this issue SAbona launches the Ask Heidi column for anyone who has a question to ask clinical psychologist Heidi Germann. If you would like to Ask Heidi a question, send it to editor@sabona.com.au.

Missing ‘Home' More Than Ever

I have been living in Australia with my husband and three children for just over a year now. I thought that I was over the most difficult settling-in-time, but recently I've found myself missing my family, friends and familiar things in South Africa more than ever. Why do I feel this way now? Sue

Posted in humour |
Posted by Heidi Germann
09 Feb 2010

“Sorry I'm late,” said my patient. “I was caught in a pile-up in Woolworths and now I've got trolley rage!” Could it be the heat gone to her head? Perhaps not. Being bumped and blocked while trying to shop with a deadline is known to do dangerous things to otherwise normal women.

Posted in humour |
Posted by Jenny Goodrick
09 Feb 2010

Scottish country villages are renowned for their desperation to cling onto the historical past. This has a lot to do with the constant denigration of anything Scottish by their dominating neighbours. Perhaps it also has something to do with the fierce subservience to the Presbyterian Church, which has striven for centuries to keep the lower classes firmly in their allotted place.

Posted in humour |
Posted by Colin Mackie
09 Feb 2010

Human rocket fuel. Foul tasting white liquid chalk that underplays its power to make this 50+ year old break land speed records from the sofa to the nearest toilet

Every sense is alive with the knowledge that at any moment I will have to respond with a “stink spoed”. It will be a matter of survival over dignity, speed over manners...

As I type this, I am concerned that I am going to remove the porcelain off the toilet bowl and make the neighbourhood dogs start howling.

Why am I in this predicament?

Let me explain.

Posted in humour |
Posted by Pete Niemandt
09 Feb 2010

So you've moved to Australia, you've set up a new life together and you've fallen in love all over again…or maybe not. Relocating can be incredibly hard on everyone, but women do seem to struggle more than men and most men just don't get why.

Posted in humour |
Posted by Patti McCarthy
09 Feb 2010
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