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Have you ever sat through a movie that was so gripping that you left with tense muscles and a headache? Dark Video is the kind of book that I envision as that type of thriller. The author, Peter Church, is telling a story that has you gripped from the very first page and proceeds to develop into something a lot more intricate and dark.
Posted in books |
Posted by Mandy Andrews
08 Sep 2011

It's wonderful to hear an Australian talk about falling in love with and becoming “totally addicted” to Africa. And even more so when that person is bestselling author Tony Park, who has just published his seventh novel set in Southern Africa.

Posted in books |
Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
10 Aug 2010

A retired lawyer turned brothel owner, a manipulative commissar, diamond trader Fatso, barman John Muranda and Miss Moneypenny are just a few of the vibrant and varied characters in The Last Resort – A Memoir of Zimbabwe by Douglas Rogers.

Posted in books |
Posted by Gill Booysen
03 Aug 2010

Author Immanuel Suttner, together with his 10 year old son Guy, has written The Animal African Football Cup, a book that tells the story of a football tournament involving Africa's animals. In addition to the antics of the animals having their own football tournament, the book provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn facts about the animals. The beautiful illustrations of the animals portrayed in the story, which really show off their characters and include delightful expressions, are by award-winning cartoonist and children's book illustrator David Anderson.

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Posted by Anonymous
01 Aug 2010

This movie is about a girl called Kirra (played by Bindi Irwin) and Willy the orca. Kirra, who lives in Australia, goes to see her grandpa in South Africa. Her grandpa owns a theme park that is a bit run down.

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Posted by Slade and Kai Hoare
01 Aug 2010

This book by Derryn Campbell was published in April –great timing with all the vibe around the Soccer World Cup. Derryn writes that the purpose of ‘Awesome South Africa' is to present a collection of random trivia, facts and fun that provide a light-hearted celebration of South Africa.

Posted in books |
Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
27 Jul 2010

This cooking book with a difference was my prize through entering a competition in the SAbona magazine. I was thrilled to receive it and resolved that I was going to test drive a few of the recipes. Even though the recipes are written for the outdoors I knew that with winter on our doorstep it would be several months before I would venture into the wild and decided to do the test driving in our kitchen and use my family as the tasting panel. This would test the recipe and my ability to read and do.

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Posted by Giulio di Somma
20 Jul 2010

Inspired by the Knysna Elephants

The Knysna elephants are featured in Gareth Patterson's latest book The Secret Elephants, as well as in a documentary inspired by the uplifting story of these animals. Gareth calls them the ‘secret' elephants because “mysteriously and unseen and unaided by humans they have almost magically survived”.
Posted in books |
Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
08 Jun 2010

Award Winning Author from Swaziland

Crime fiction writer Malla Nunn, who grew up in Swaziland, continues to receive international acclaim for her first novel, which is set in the divided society of apartheid-era South Africa. Her second book, which again features charismatic detective Emmanuel Cooper and gives an insight into the harsh realities of living under the racial segregation laws, was published recently.

Posted in books |
Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
12 Apr 2010

Australia Bush Cooking

I enjoy cooking and ‘more camping trips' with my family is one of my goals for this year, so I was really thrilled to page through Australian Bush Cooking by Cathy Savage, with pictures by Craig Lewis.

There are lots of yummy sounding recipes and some dishes that I wouldn't have contemplated cooking in the bush. The book certainly is inspiring.

Posted in books |
Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
09 Feb 2010
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