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My Ouma used to say: “n ou bok hou van groen blare” (an old goat likes young or green leaves). She married my grandfather who was 15 years older than she and that was in the 1930's. They had many, many happy years together, raised three children and had successful careers, but when Oupa passed away my Ouma spent her last 20 odd years without her life partner.

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Posted by LoonRanger
03 Aug 2010

Non wine drinkers believe that wine is for females, special occasions or only for beginners and that it is light. Wine drinkers, however, enjoy wine on any occasion, find that it brings great enjoyment, is about being social with friends, is marvelous with a meal, and it lifts life into another dimension.

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Posted by Jean Wethmar
01 Aug 2010

A column about little things that are deceptively similar, yet decisively different. Read and be prepared.

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Posted by Dr Dave Robinson
20 Jul 2010

SAbona spoke to Arno Jordaan ahead of his tour with Kurt Darren to Australia next month. Our interview with Kurt is published in Issue 19 of SAbona and is on our website at www.sabona.com.au/1906

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Posted by Anonymous
22 Jun 2010

Brenda Fassie, Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukudzi: What's the common denominator? They're all high profile names in the African music industry.

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Posted by Taku Taneka
08 Jun 2010
Bianca was tempted to join another gym –
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Posted by Migrant Saffa
02 Jun 2010
Reading through Tiana Canterbury’s résumé, it’s remarkable that this Capetonian is only just 29 years old. With more than 15 years of dancing experience, specialising in hip hop, dancehall, break, funk, salsa, afro and disco, Tiana has been a choreographer for all three seasons of So You Think You Can Dance Australia.
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Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
01 Jun 2010

One of the most difficult aspects of moving to a new country is leaving friends behind. Many people find themselves unable to enjoy their new environment because they miss their friends. People can feel very alone after a move and may not feel comfortable exploring their new surroundings on their own. These emotions just seem to add to the feeling of being somewhere new.

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Posted by Kama Frankling
12 Apr 2010

Abrama: We are chatting to Ian Lentoor, a teacher born and bred in the most beautiful Cape. Ian, how did you manage to leave that place?

Ian: It was not easy to leave that pretty mountain and to search for luck and good fortune in a strange place. You know I was born in Steenberg and grew up in Grassypark in the Cape Flats where I also went to teacher's college.

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Posted by Abrama Ahlers and Erik Vosloo
12 Apr 2010

The Queensland Buffers Association Inc. recently hosted an African Night in Beenleigh, Queensland.

The Buffers, which was established in Queensland five years ago, participates in an annual international soccer tournament.

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Posted by Anonymous
12 Apr 2010
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