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Federal member for North Sydney Joe Hockey, sporting legend Laurie Daley and Mrs Australia, Karen Gee, are among the North Shore pizza lovers supporting a fun charity event for South African AIDS orphans next month.
Posted in community |
Posted by Lisa Mayoh
30 Sep 2011
Migration is a complex and dynamic part of life. It presents some of the greatest challenges and the most fulfilling rewards a person can face.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Romy Wasserman
30 Sep 2011
In order to implement the perfect system, you first need to ask yourself. Is there such a thing? Is anything ever "perfect"?
No! Of course not!
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
28 Sep 2011
Parents today are extremely conscious of doing things right. Paradoxically, parents report that they are more stressed, more tired and more angry than ever before. Different parents express their anger differently. Some parents are relaxed a lot of the time but, when they blow a fuse, it is very destructive and may take weeks to recover.
Posted in lifestyle | Clinical Psychologist
Posted by Renée Mill
22 Sep 2011
If you're like many other fellow South Africans, you might be wondering what the outback in Australia is really like. There are a few stories about the outback doing the rounds which include things like 'there are no sealed roads', and ‘the need to take spare containers of fuel'.
Posted in lifestyle | Gallivanting Oz
Posted by Belinda Mason
22 Sep 2011

You know the saying "Happy wife, happy life"? (Sorry ladies just using this as a way to relate ... I know you're smarter than us mere males, so easier for you to adapt than the other way around!)

Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
20 Sep 2011
Zimfest is a celebration of food, music and culture. It brings together all members of the community and allows businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their goods and services, as well as creating the opportunity for entertainers to perform and show off their talents. It started off as a small festival in London and has continued to grow ever since, spreading to cities around the world.
Posted in community | Foundations for Farming : Foundations for Farming
Posted by Jackie Robinson
16 Sep 2011
The consequences of ‘modern' agriculture practices are vast: soil degradation, water pollution, health problems and global changes are just some of the repercussions of today's agriculture system. Clean up agriculture and you have an immediate impact on all these issues.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Simone Sleep
16 Sep 2011

Honeymoon Dive is the story of Tina Watson who died on the Great Barrier Reef while diving with her husband of only 11 days. As the tragedy unfolded it seemed that something more sinister might have occurred. This book attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Posted in books |
Posted by Sharlene Striepe
16 Sep 2011
Yes I know, it takes a while sometimes, but I always deliver even if it kills me! (Probably my single biggest weakness)
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
14 Sep 2011
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