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Multi-award winning and internationally acclaimed South African musician, Johnny Clegg, is set to release his highly anticipated new album, Human. The follow-up to 2007's One Life is a mix between socio-political, cultural, and personal songs.

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Posted by Brett Schewitz
26 Aug 2011

Have you recently moved to Australia? As you familiarise yourself with the investment landscape, you may be seeking a wealth manager to plan your investments for the financial year ahead.

Posted in business |
Posted by John Winters and Carmie Olowoyo
26 Aug 2011
We received the following request from Veronica Prins:


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Posted by John Winters and Carmie Olowoyo
26 Aug 2011
It's been pouring on the Gold Coast, and it always makes me think about that old saying ... saving for a rainy day.
So this is going to be a slightly philosophical (not it starts with Phil!), but what does that really mean, and is it smart to do so? (It relates to business and systems I promise! Work with me here!)
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
23 Aug 2011
Hmm, almost there with part 2 ... in the mean time, part 1.8 (just stalling really so I can have the real stuff just perfect!)
But don't let that distract you from reading this, because it's good! (After all, I wrote it!)
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Posted by Philip Scott
17 Aug 2011

It was with shock and horror that I first heard about the murder of Luc Mombers and Kobus and Annatjie Snyman in Adelaide.

My first thoughts were: they left South Africa to escape violence, how dreadful that they should find it here in Australia. I am sure that I speak for all of us when I say that our hearts go out in compassion to the remaining members of this devastated family.

Posted in migration |
Posted by Deanna Pitchford
11 Aug 2011

An exhilarating brew of multicultural delights awaits music lovers when ‘Two Voices', the new album by South African flautist Wouter Kellerman, is launched in Australia.

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Posted by Tholsi Pillay
11 Aug 2011

The Hunter African Communities Council is hosting a spectacular celebration in October called “Halala the City of Newcastle. Africans from eleven different countries who live in the Hunter wish to join together in bringing their amazing music and dance to Newcastle. It's a showcase of diverse cultures, rich cultural heritage and traditions as there will be collaborations of African, Indian and Aboriginal music and dance.

Posted in community |
Posted by Shakila Kader
11 Aug 2011

Thank you for the Facebook friend requests! It's good to put faces to the names isn't it?

This is part 1.5, because the stuff I wanted to tell you about isn't ready yet (Hurry up Luke!), so instead I'll tell you about something else that's really important!

Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
09 Aug 2011
South Africa's favourite Cousin, Barry Hilton, has arrived in Australia for the start of his Serial Comic Tour. The first show in Perth at the Regal Theatre on Friday night is SOLD OUT! "What a great way to start the tour," says Barry. "I'm thrilled 1100 people are coming to see me, it seems there are more South Africans in Australia than there are in South Africa!"
Posted in social | Barry Hilton
Posted by Sandy Hilton
05 Aug 2011
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