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Along with the excitement and promise of a new country, migrants from different nations are often faced with similar issues; disruption to family life, a nagging sense of uprootedness and dislocation, challenges in dealing with a new infrastructure and bureaucracy, cultural codes and cues that are not documented and can only be discovered by engaging in daily social life.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Stella Horgan
14 Aug 2008
Decorating Dilemma: We’re about to pack up house in South Africa and will be coming to live in Australia within the next few months. Is there any furniture you would suggest we leave behind?
Posted in lifestyle | reddoorinteriors.com.au
Posted by Deborah Atkins
14 Aug 2008
In engels se mens “ Praise the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever” In Afrikaans klink dit so- “ Prys die Here want hy is goed, Sy goedentierndheid is tot in ewigheid en sy trou van geslag tot geslag. Ek weet dit maak nie regtig saak in watter taal jy die Here loof nie, die feit bly dat die Here is goed. Ek moet erken dat vir my is daar iets spesiaal wanneer ek die Here in my moedertaal Afrikaans loof en prys. Ek weet nie of dit die g”s en die h”s is nie maar dit klink net anders en voel net anders.
Posted in community |
Posted by Anoymous
14 Aug 2008


30ml oil, 2 large oxtails
3 med onions (sliced)
1 tbsp crushed garlic; 2 red chillies, chopped;
7 whole cloves; 2 FRESH bay leaves
250ml hot water and 250ml red wine
Fresh rosemary and parsley
Posted in recipes |
Posted by Matilda Scarfe
14 Aug 2008
A Carrion Death is a book about a black detective (Kubu) set in Botswana. Now you may be forgiven for thinking it is another book in the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series, but it isn’t. And if you haven’t read #1 Ladies Detective Agency I suggest you do so immediately, especially if your roots are anywhere near Botswana.
Posted in feature |
Posted by Philip Scott
14 Aug 2008
It’s been a roller coaster six months since I stepped off the plane at Brisbane International Airport, and I say with great relief that life has become gradually more enjoyable and, well…liveable. Before moving schools I was faced with the decision of whether to fly back home and seek refuge with my grandparents, or try another school. Deep inside I knew that returning to South Africa would be like a man trying to conquer Everest but retreating a few hundred feet because the challenge seemed too daunting. I decided to put the matter in God’s hands; all I wanted was a happy school life and some real friends. Simple as this request may seem, it felt unfathomably distant for me, distant as a miracle.
Posted in humour |
Posted by Chris da Silver
14 Aug 2008

Recently I read a very interesting article on who was the greatest sportsman ever, written by an Australian. Here was his impressive list:


1. Muhammad Ali - Three-time world champion

2. Pele - Three time World cup winner and all time top scorer for Brazil

3. Lance Armstrong - Won the Tour de France seven successive times after overcoming cancer

Posted in feature |
Posted by Huegnot Hottentot
14 Aug 2008
Op ‘n koue winter’s oggend in Alberton kry Adriaan Benson ‘n oproep van sy seun se skool af. “Mnr. Benson, ons wil net hoor hoe dit met Ruan gaan, hy is nou al 5 dae siek.” Dit was eerste wat Adriaan daarvan hoor. Ruan was toe 12 jaar oud en was sedert hy maar 9 jaar oud was mal oor fietsry. Met sy eerste fiets wedren (‘n interprovinsiale byeenkoms in Kimberly) het hy ‘n tweede plek behaal, en dit op ‘n geleende fiets!
Posted in feature |
Posted by Philip Scott
14 Aug 2008
These ‘tongue in cheek’ diary extracts are from Australian immigrants Andre, a frustrated ‘camel man’, his wife Bianca a real ‘madam’ and their energetic two boys Tyle 10 and Keal 8, who share their adventures and experience of everyday living Downunder.
Posted in humour |
Posted by Anonymous
14 Aug 2008
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