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In this article we will start building a Google campaign. If you have been following past articles, you would have already created a Google Adwords account at http://www.google.com/. au/adwords. I will not go into step by step instructions on how to create these accounts and services, however, if you get stuck along the way, send any questions to http://www.shaneleite.com/ and I will be more than happy to help you in your efforts. If you haven’t already done so, I would again recommend installing Google Analytics (a free website statistics tool offered by Google). To do this log into your Google Adwords account, click on the Analytics tab and follow the prompts. Installing Google Analytics (or using other website statistics tools) is highly recommended to benchmark your current site statistics and track your performance.
Posted in marketing |
Posted by Shane Leite
15 Aug 2008
We are frequently asked by clients whether they can borrow more than the value of the property for renovations when purchasing a property? When it comes to a basic loan, the answer is no. At the time you apply for your loan and sign the sales contract on an agreed purchase price, the bank will send an independent valuer to view the property and confirm the purchase price is at an acceptable price. The lender will then take the value of the property and base the loan amount on the valuation. For example, if you sign a sales contract for the purchase of a property for $450,000 the valuation needs to come in at $450,000. You cannot borrow more than the property is worth.
Posted in financial |
Posted by Samantha & Nicole
15 Aug 2008
Loss of any kind is hard to deal with. When you’re in business in a “foreign” country like most of us are, and you have loved ones back in South Africa or Zimbabwe, the thought of losing one of those loved ones is always in the back of your mind. How often do you need to see them? How often do you need to talk to them or email them? For me it has not been possible to travel back and forth to South Africa on a regular basis. In fact it had been 9 years since the last time I was there.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
15 Aug 2008
The new financial year has just begun. In May, Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, delivered the Government’s budgetary agenda for the 2008-09 financial year. The first since the change of Government, many Australian families were hoping for some fairly significant changes to the priorities of this year’s budget specifically, towards helping working families.
Posted in financial |
Posted by Craig Coetzee
15 Aug 2008
After negotiating the early morning gridlock of Johannesburg’s highways followed by a five hour drive into the humidity of the summer Loveld, the sighting of the thatched gate house at Crocodile River, which marks the southern entry point into the Kruger National Park, came as a welcome relief. My travel documents were quickly checked by friendly staff, and I was soon on my way through stunning bushveld dotted with Marula and Acacia thorn trees, all shimmering in the late afternoon sunshine.
Posted in feature |
Posted by Chris Rimmer
15 Aug 2008
Right from the start most of us sensed that this was the beginning of greater things, since everything just seemed to come together at the right time. For years faithful prayers paved the way, but now, faster than anyone had anticipated, a young but vibrant, energetic and dynamic church took shape right in front of our eyes. The first service was held on the 27th of April 2008 and was attended by 37 people of different age groups. Their faces beamed with joy and thankfulness was in the hearts of those who attended.
Posted in community |
Posted by Rev. Danie Venter
14 Aug 2008
Cheap, bland, unreliable and slow are some of the things that spring to mind when I hear the words ‘Korean Cars.’ These cars have always had the unfortunate reputation of being inexpensive knock-offs of their prestige German rivals. So you can only imagine my excitement when I learned that behind the Epica’s shiny Holden badge lurked a Daewoo Tosca.
Posted in feature |
Posted by Ryan Broadfoot
14 Aug 2008
Eds Comments: One of the things I remember very distinctly about our last months in Zim in 1999 was sitting in petrol queues. We did not care how much it was going to cost us when we actually got to the pump, just that when we got there, there was still fuel in the pumps! It seems that our lives still seem to revolve around this golden liquid and I can’t help but wonder why ethanol is such a dirty word here in Aus. But then I do not claim to know much about cars, just that I am now spending much of my salary on driving one! Some of our readers sent in their tips for saving petrol and I have also found some on the net, which although common sense when we read it, they are things we sometimes take for granted. Let us know what you think.
Posted in community |
Posted by Anonymous
14 Aug 2008
From the moment you step off the plane in Mombasa you know you are back in Africa. But, there is something different, very different. It’s that Swahili ‘jambo habari’ culture that makes a ‘safari’ in East Africa unique. If you spent most of your years in Southern Africa you probably knew about East Africa and its abundant wildlife, but never got there. An ever weakening Rand made sure of that. A lost opportunity indeed, but an abundance of wildlife offerings on our own doorstep made it sort of acceptable. Today however the exchange rate (AU$ to US$) and some of the region’s recent history has changed this and rendered it good value, especially if you have children.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Rob Nicholls
14 Aug 2008
The story behind Workforce Partners, A recruitment company dedicated to helping Southern African rural employees My husband Ralph and I have been cotton farming in SW Qld for over 25 years. Faced with a worsening labour shortage crisis and the reluctance of Australians to live west of the Darling Downs Range we were forced to rely on ‘backpackers’ to fill our labour requirements. It was not that we were dreadful employers; we always paid well, provided good on-farm accommodation and never asked an employee to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves.
Posted in humour |
Posted by Barb Grey, Workforce Partners
14 Aug 2008
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