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We have had several requests from those still planning their immigration to Australia for a checklist of THINGS TO DO. Following is the first part of a 100 step process that the average immigrant would need to follow. Obviously every person’s circumstances differ and everything may not apply to everyone. Furthermore, some things are not required for some visas. And then there is the point that the list is never complete, but these steps would be the most important things and should be a great help to anyone immigrating to Australia. The information provided below is based on various posts from the www.saaustralia.org forums. Credit belongs to the forum members.
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Posted by Liesel Rennie
20 Aug 2008
What a beautiful winter we have had on the Gold Coast. The rain held off long enough for us to enjoy the gorgeous days and the fish played the game. The Walmsley family has become happily accustomed to having a new born in the household and Kevin has settled in nicely. My new boat has even been getting its fair share of attention once again. The Suzuki 4 stroke on the back has proven to be a winner with the rising fuel costs, which help me justify the offshore trips to my lovely wife, not to mention the fresh snapper and sweet lip fillets for dinner.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Roderick Walmsley
15 Aug 2008
Have you ever wished that Molly doesn’t have such bad “doggy breath”? Well maybe it isn’t just “doggy breath” and it can be improved. Bad breath is one of the first signs of dental disease in pets. Dental disease is probably the most common problem I see in practice, with over 80% of patients being affected.
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Posted by Dr Kevin Cruickshank
15 Aug 2008
Congratulations! You’ve done the “look, see and decide” thing, received your paper, found a job …. Or not yet! Hotels for short term stays of a week or so are easy and relatively cheap. There are heaps to be found on accommodation websites such as Stayz.com to suit any and all budgets. With a bit of planning and knowing what to expect, the rest will be a breeze, with the following practical pointers very handy (NOTE: The following tips are written for a QLD market, but many if not all of these are applicable in all states):
Posted in business |
Posted by Pia Rousseau
15 Aug 2008
“The seed for a great miracle lies not in difficulty, but impossibility.” This line from the film, Faith Like Potatoes, underpins the inspiring true story of Angus Buchan, a Zambian farmer of Scottish heritage who finds himself struggling to keep his head above water on a farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
Posted in feature |
Posted by Loren Nel
15 Aug 2008
In the beginning South African Gourmet was not something Dion and I expected would grow at the rate it did. With the immigration boom starting in Perth and a large number of South Africans coming over we felt the need to build a sense of community was great. So we embarked on the arduous task never expecting the huge response and continued support that we received.
Posted in recipes |
Posted by Amanda Damon
15 Aug 2008
At the age of twenty one, with high hopes and big dreams, Alana Reid set off from her beloved home in Africa to spend a year exploring the world! Alana quickly became captivated by the multifaceted wonders of Europe and, it was during this exciting time that she met her Australian born husband. So, one year of travelling became three and when she arrived in Melbourne in 1997, three years became a very long time!
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Posted by Julie Purdon
15 Aug 2008
Peter Niemandt and his family arrived in Melbourne in 2001 where he now lives in Surrey Hills. Currently he is a Strategic Consultant with the world renown ANZ Breakout/Learning and Culture Team where his primary focus is to strategically consult with Executive and Senior teams in order to influence the delivery of their business imperatives and assisting them to outperform. When he works with teams he draws on his life and& business experiences to connect with groups in a deep and impactful way In his spare time, Peter has his private pilot’s license (helicopters). He has run the Comrades Marathon twice, completed the Ironman triathlon three times. He has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, circumnavigated Pemba (Zanzibar, East Africa) in a sea kayak and recently walked the Kokoda Track ….and that is just to name a few of his achievements and adventures!
Posted in migration |
Posted by Peter Niemandt
15 Aug 2008
If everyone listened to the advice of their solicitor or accountant about the risks of being the very first, or one of the first few franchisees into a new Franchise System, no new franchise concept would ever get off the ground. Undoubtedly, there are more risks in being the “trail-blazer” and investing your hard earned dollars into someone else’s dream. However, like almost everything in life, there are both positives and negatives in being the first into a new system and, for many people who have an optimistic and adventurous attitude, the rewards can be quite significant.
Posted in business |
Posted by Colin Mackie
15 Aug 2008
“How-ya-go-in’” I* say for the twenty-third time today. It’s necessary because, as the manager here, I have to remind each employee that I respect them. To just walk by without greeting one would be insulting to them. They would think I am a rude, arrogant ex-South African (actually they would neglect to add the ‘ex’ prefix), upon which they would tell their mates and then productivity would become markedly lacking.
Posted in business |
Posted by Dr. Dave Robinson
15 Aug 2008
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