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Itís a good thing BK kept his old army uniform Ė since the World Cup is being played in France, the beret might just come in handy. Mind you, they have a habit of kissing each other Ė and even if itís on the cheeks, itís still not something that BK would enjoy, if you know what I mean.
Posted in humour |
Posted by Bosveld Koos
08 Aug 2007
The saying goes that nostalgia is a seductive liar, and thatís true enough. But weíre all suckers for sweet little lies, arenít we? So as winter settles on the Gold Coast I have been thinking back of July months in my old home town, Durban.
Posted in social |
Posted by Garry Brennan
01 Aug 2007
THEY may pack for Perth, but a survey has found that most Southern Africanís are settling in Sydney. Recently released figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that at least 2,100 more Southern African migrants settled in NSW than in Western Australia Ė the heart of which are Sydney and Perth
Posted in community |
Posted by Lara Robinson
01 Aug 2007
There is a place called Whoop-Whoop! To an average Australian it is either a picture on a postcard, a scenic 4X4 trip through red
canyons, a barramundi fishing bonanza or a stop-over in Alice.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Richard Hargreaves
01 Aug 2007
Hailed by The Star as ďOne of the countryís most legendary films,Ē eLollipop, first released by Universal Pictures in 1976 and revived in 2004 as the opening film for the South African retrospective at the Cannes Film Festival, is certainly one of South Africaís greatest cinematic achievements.
Posted in books | Available from Capricorn Media
Posted by Loren Nel
01 Aug 2007
Immigration is one of the top stresses along with divorce, major illness or death of a loved one. Immigrants to Australia have to face - at the very least - new, unfamiliar surroundings, loss of contact with loved long-term family members and friends, loss of a secure job along with financial strain. In some cases, the stress of immigration can result in anxiety, sleep disruptions,depression, increase in addictive behaviors, relationship strain, etc.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Katie Richard
01 Aug 2007
This is the first of a three-part series by Annemarie de Villiers giving practical advice on steps to take before emigrating to Australia. She speaks from experience and hereís how she introduces herself: ďI was born and raised in Johannesburg, am an expat mom of two active boys and enjoy the outdoors, helping people and all things social, fun and funny. We left South Africa nine years ago for the Netherlands , but after six years decided to go on a fabulous adventure and moved to Seoul , South Korea. A year ago we relocated to Sydney, where we live in the Hills District. I am the editor of a blog called Austrangelia: http://austrangelia.blogspot.com/Ē
Posted in migration | Annemarie`s Blog
Posted by Annemarie de Villiers
01 Aug 2007
The winter weather has been really cold this year but fortunately the fishing has been just the opposite, with the run of bream in the rivers on the Gold Coast being one of the best in many years.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Roderick
01 Aug 2007
Beautiful...Deserted For a holiday with total relaxation, the desolate Teewah-Cooloola Beach is the place to be. Accessible only by four wheel drive, its natural wonders include sand blown holes and coloured canyons.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Melissa Keigher
01 Aug 2007
Part of Evita Bezuidenhoutís manifesto for President in 2009: Firstly I do not belong to a party. We have had too many parties in the last 12 years. Itís time to stop having parties and to start doing some hard work. Of course I will invite political parties to send me their best minds to join the Kitchen Cabinet. I know there are some very bright people in the ANC...canít think of their names now, but Iím sure theyíre there. I believe there are one or two in the ID and soon there should be one in the DA. I look forward to working with the PAC. Iím not sure where they are, but I left a note under a stone in Limpopo.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Amandla/Vrystaat!
01 Aug 2007
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