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This book by Derryn Campbell was published in April –great timing with all the vibe around the Soccer World Cup. Derryn writes that the purpose of ‘Awesome South Africa' is to present a collection of random trivia, facts and fun that provide a light-hearted celebration of South Africa.

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Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
27 Jul 2010

So you are finally feeling a little more settled in Australia, you arrived a while back, you have place to stay, access to transport and are slowly building that circle of friends. Sure there is still a long way to go and you are accepting of that, but things would definitely feel a little more ‘balanced' if you had someone special in your life.

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Posted by LoonRanger
20 Jul 2010

When you have moved to a new country it is not unusual to experience waves of nostalgia. Nostalgia is described as many things: A yearning to return to the past, a desire to return to a country of origin, or a sentimental memory from a previous relationship.

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Posted by Kama J. Frankling
20 Jul 2010

This cooking book with a difference was my prize through entering a competition in the SAbona magazine. I was thrilled to receive it and resolved that I was going to test drive a few of the recipes. Even though the recipes are written for the outdoors I knew that with winter on our doorstep it would be several months before I would venture into the wild and decided to do the test driving in our kitchen and use my family as the tasting panel. This would test the recipe and my ability to read and do.

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Posted by Giulio di Somma
20 Jul 2010

A column about little things that are deceptively similar, yet decisively different. Read and be prepared.

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Posted by Dr Dave Robinson
20 Jul 2010

Zimbabwe-born Ionna Vlachos is embarking on an epic fundraising adventure by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in February. The challenge is on behalf of Cure Cancer Australia, an organisation that is dedicated to funding outstanding young researchers as they break new ground towards a cure for cancer. The 12 day adventure will see Ionna trekking through some of the world's most diverse landscapes, camping under the stars, passing through glaciers and ice cliffs and pushing to the summit of the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

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Posted by Anonymous
13 Jul 2010

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