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Dan’s had good results from seed packets bought from an Australian seed company called Green Harvest. The seeds are under the name Cucirbito Pepo (gem squash). The website address is www.greenharvest.com.au.

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Posted by Anonymous
22 Jun 2010

SAbona spoke to Arno Jordaan ahead of his tour with Kurt Darren to Australia next month. Our interview with Kurt is published in Issue 19 of SAbona and is on our website at www.sabona.com.au/1906

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Posted by Anonymous
22 Jun 2010
A referral by definition is an act of will motivated by a positive experience. A person buys a product or experiences a good service that is positive and it motivates his or her desire to share that experience with others.
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Posted by Peter Swensson
15 Jun 2010
A few days ago while driving along the beautiful Sunshine Coast I mentioned to my partner that I was feeling a bit homesick. “That's odd,” he said. “How can you feel homesick when you don't really have a place that you call home?”
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Posted by Kama J Frankling
08 Jun 2010
Must do, must see, must taste… While in the Helderberg
Early travellers to the Helderberg were glad of the landmark – a stone peak rising above the low cloud and valley mist. They called the place ‘clear mountain' or Helderberg. Today the Helderberg is both a destination and a starting point.
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Posted by Jean Wethmar
08 Jun 2010

A recent online survey conducted by Loan Market found more than 40% of Australians spend around half their monthly income repaying debts. In fact, 44% of respondents said they spent more than 40% of their income repaying mortgages, credit cards or personal loans.

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Posted by Sandra Crossland
08 Jun 2010

Starting out from Harare at 5am on Easter Friday, we were all eager to get to the Andora Harbour launch at Kariba and onto our houseboat, Tahilla.

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Posted by Jenna Armand
08 Jun 2010

I've sat back and reflected over the happenings around Europe in mid-April as a result of the volcano in Iceland, and after all the chaos and confusion and waiting, I have a smile on my face. The smile is not one of cruelness, but one of contentment, knowing that I was able to step up and help out in my own special way.

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Posted by Cathryn Bardwell
08 Jun 2010

The Brisbane-based South African Australian Multicultural Association's Carnival Band recently recorded a South African medley that has been included in a CD called Songs of Hope.

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Posted by Anonymous
08 Jun 2010

Rainbow Kids Chorus

The Rainbow Kids Chorus was established in Sydney recently to celebrate cultural diversity through music. Under the direction of founder and artistic director Beryl Segers and musical director Rick Bowers, the choir is building a vibrant choral repertoire and aims to fill a void in performing cultural music from the African continent.

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Posted by Anonymous
08 Jun 2010
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