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Previously featured in Sabona for their outstanding success in producing some quality Karate Kids, Brian and Trisha Humphreys have been practicing karate for the past 40 years. Brian has attained the rank of 5th and Dan and Trisha 4th. Brian obtained Springbok colours in 1971, when he represented South Africa in Europe. Now their children and grand children are all practicing karateka, making it three generations currently training.
Posted in kids |
Posted by Brian Humphreys
13 Jun 2008
Most kids are encouraged to be active and play sports as part of a healthy lifestyle and to avoid the ever growing pandemic of childhood obesity. One noticeable difference about schools in Australia is their emphasis on sports (or lack of). Unless your kids are attending a school that places a priority on sports, then your kids are probably not getting the opportunities they should be, to get involved in their favourite sports. Organised kids sport tends to be the starting point for many children’s involvement.
Posted in kids |
Posted by Liesel Rennie
13 Jun 2008
Well my friend, I’m absolutely serious! And, if you’re not familiar with this wonderfully unusual Aussie tradition, then read on and discover the magic of a truly bizarre ‘festive season’.
Now, just to be clear, Christmas in July has no connection to the birth of baby Jesus and does not in any way aim to demean the true meaning of ‘traditional’ Christmas celebrations. Rather, its origins are owed simply to the culinary cravings of a small group of Irish tourists…or so legend has it (and there are some interesting variations I must say)!
Posted in community |
Posted by Julie Purdon
12 Jun 2008
“How much does it cost to live in Australia?” This is one question that everyone asks no matter what their circumstance. While it is important to know if you will be able to replace your home, pay for private schooling and private health, what most people really want to know is the basic costs of day to day living. One thing becomes very clear after living in Australia for a few months; every income bracket is able to achieve a certain acceptable standard of living.
Posted in financial |
Posted by Julie Purdon
12 Jun 2008
This is the last instalment of a three-part series by Annemarie de Villiers giving practical advice on steps to take before emigrating to Australia. She was born and raised in Johannesburg, and is an expat mom of two active boys. She left South Africa nine years ago for the Netherlands, but after six years decided to go on a fabulous adventure and moved to Seoul, South Korea. A year ago she relocated to Sydney. To read the first and second parts of this series visit www.sabona.com.au/0307
Posted in migration |
Posted by Annemarie de Villiers
12 Jun 2008
“The biggest achievement for me was winning 6 races including all 3 Grade One races on J&B Met day in Jan 2007, which is a world record. “ Images courtesy of www.racingandsports.com.au
Posted in feature |
Posted by Liesel Rennie
12 Jun 2008
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