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In 1982, while still living in South Africa, Illana Hitner Klevansky wrote ‘THE KUGEL BOOK” which was reprinted 4 times and became something of a cult classic. (A Kugel is the South African version of a JAP: Jewish American or Australian Princess). The book was a humorous, social commentary on the unique qualities of Kugels, and why they play such an endearing role within the lexicon of Jewish women.
Posted in social |
Posted by Illana Klevansky
16 Jun 2008
Starting your own business in Australia is as easy as having a desire, the funds and off you go. It’s so simple: no exams, no training and no qualifications. However, being successful in business requires that the owners be multi-skilled themselves or open minded enough to realise that the skills they lack need to be outsourced. Understanding the technicalities of your chosen business is essential; whether it be fish and chips, beautician, manufacturing, distribution, construction or consultation otherwise you are at the mercy of those who do. To know how it is done is fine, however knowing how to do it “Best” is essential.
Posted in business |
Posted by Colin Mackie
16 Jun 2008
It’s been more than four years since I moved to the Gold Coast, and what changes we have seen even in this short time! People are flooding in to live here in this paradise on earth; new businesses are starting every day and existing businesses are growing everywhere.
Posted in business |
Posted by Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
16 Jun 2008
From Kanon Koppie to Table Mountain What’s that old saying? How do you climb a mountain? … ONE STEP AT A TIME! Now, when you’ve already climbed the mountain previously, but for the sake of your kids you had take the express route down the other side only to have to climb another (albeit safer) mountain all over again, it seems ten times more difficult!
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
16 Jun 2008
There has been a lot of discussion about rising interest rates which brings on the inevitable question of “How will I be able to manage my increased mortgage repayments?” For those on a fixed interest rate, it does not affect you however, if your fixed rate period is coming to an end you need to be able to manage your new repayments. Samcol Finance has a few tips:
Posted in financial |
Posted by Samantha & Nicole
16 Jun 2008
During consultations with my clients I am often asked “If I did only one form of internet marketing what would you recommend?” Well that’s easy… Pay Per Click (PPC). The name PPC speaks for itself, in that you ONLY pay when someone clicks on your advert, not for the number of times you advert displayed.
Posted in marketing |
Posted by Shane Leite
16 Jun 2008
Welcome to the first WHK Editorial! My name is Craig Coetzee, and I am an accountant with WHK in Toowoomba. As a fellow South African, I can appreciate the issues that arise when moving to another country. In each edition of Sabona, we will be including an editorial. Our objective is to provide you with relevant and reliable financial information. Hopefully through doing this, we can help ease your transition into this beautiful country!
Posted in financial |
Posted by Craig Coetzee
16 Jun 2008
Richard Turnbull’s career has spanned sporting industries including elite national athletics, surfing, polo cross, hockey and rugby. His expertise has been instrumental in the motivation, sports conditioning and rehabilitation of international sports teams including the South African Men’s Hockey Team (Atlanta Olympics), the Women’s National Polo Cross Team (Australia 1996), The Natal Rugby Union Team (Currie Cup) and the Springboks Rugby Team (1993).
Posted in feature |
Posted by Liesel Rennie
13 Jun 2008
They say that every rugby player’s dream is to secure a contract with a Super 14 franchise. Mark Swanepoel did just that and before he turned 17! After playing for the Australian Schoolboys, a very impressive feat in itself, Mark was offered a 2 year contract with the Reds Academy.
Posted in feature |
Posted by Julie Purdon
13 Jun 2008
For everyone who has immigrated to Australia you will know how much of an emotional roller coaster the entire experience can be. As a seventeen-year-old boy from Port Elizabeth who prefers a life of structure, the immigration experience has been all the more daunting for me.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Christopher Da Silva
13 Jun 2008
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