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Some of our younger readers might ask who is Ali Bacher, well, he was the captain of the South African cricket team in the seventies, he was a Jewish South African. Most importantly he was captain of the greatest cricket team ever to grace this planet. Names like Barry Richards the master genius opening batsman, Graeme Pollock the greatest attacking left hander by far ever, Mike Proctor an all rounder could bowl at 160km/hour, spin like crazy and broke the Currie Cup record for most consecutive centuries
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Huguenot Hottentot
16 Jun 2008
Sydney based former Jo’burg boy Grant Brits will be making a splash at the 2008 Olympics in China later this year. At only 20 years old Grant has secured a place in the Australian Olympic team and says the opportunity “kind of just happened”. “My mum was a swim coach in South Africa and so I swam a little bit when we lived there but only really for fun,” he says.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Cezanne Laidlaw
16 Jun 2008
You may remember from Issue Four we featured an article about the Steffen family in Gatton who are growing gem squash: Thanks to another enterprising and ever resourceful South African, we here in Oz are about to start enjoying having gem-squash as part of our staple diet again! Gatton farmer Brett Steffens looked into importing gemsquash seeds from South Africa, not only to provide an alternate source of income, but also to fill what is quite clearly a gap in the market.
See the update to this article on Found ... Gem Squash Seeds!
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Posted by Liesel Rennie
16 Jun 2008
Ons het lank navorsing gedoen om te besluit waar ons wou hervestig. Die warm weer van Brisbane, die Suid-Afrikaanse gemeenskappe in Perth, die beroemde strande rondom Sydney en die plattelandse gevoel van Adelaide. Melbourne asbestemming het nie regtig by my opgekom nie, maar uiteindelik was dit presies waarheen die wind ons gewaai het.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Dorien
16 Jun 2008
I recently drove from Sydney to Perth. It was hot and dusty and the distances are intimidating. There were wildlife hazards, plagues of flies and sections of road reminiscent of Kazakhstan. Here are some observations, and tips; for those planning this epic drive. I left Sydney at 5am, and made good time, tag-free; on the toll roads. I needed to take out a personal loan for the unpaid tolls and speeding fines, but it was worth it. The Blue Mountains are pretty, but slow going.
Posted in humour |
Posted by Swartberg
16 Jun 2008
Mussel Bobotie Ingredients · 1kg Mussel meat · 1 Thick slice white bread (crusts removed) · 250ml Fresh milk · 60g Butter · 2 Large onions, finely sliced...Bread & Butter Pud Ingredients 4 slices stale white bread, 2 cm thick butter 190 ml currants or 150 ml seedles raisins 2 large eggs 125 ml white sugar 1 ml salt 759 ml milk...
Posted in recipes |
Posted by Matilda Scarfe
16 Jun 2008
Arthritis is probably one of the most under diagnosed conditions in dogs, and yet successful treatment can do wonders for their quality of life. Frequently the signs are simply ascribed to “old age” and it is only once your dog is on treatment and you see the difference, that one realises the extent to which arthritis was afflicting them.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Dr Kevin Cruickshank
16 Jun 2008
Its amazing how one small wonder can change ones outlook on life. We have been expecting our first child who at 5 days over term still showed no sign of joining us in this world. On the 6th of May at 2am in the morning he decided that enough was enough and he wanted to come out. At 2.30pm the same afternoon we were blessed with our first child. Kevin Walmsley weighed an impressive 9lb 5 and at 56cm was definitely over the legal limit.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Roderick Walmsley
16 Jun 2008
It is a miracle that Bianca and I made it back alive from our weekend’s adventures. Our close encounter with a mean looking shark while snorkelling off Amity Point on North Stradbroke Island, made us realize how vulnerable we are to nature and her ways. The incident happened while paddling around in some shallow water just meters off the rocky point where we were admiring a kaleidoscope of colourful reef fish, coral and other sea going creatures. It was then that we disturbed this massive (judgment made on the principal that things look a lot smaller under water) Wobbegong, which is commonly called a Carpet Shark because of its camouflaged appearance. It was difficult to see who had a quicker standing start but I did notice Bianca still doing freestyle half way up the beach.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Anonymous
16 Jun 2008
We all know how hard it is to create a resume. For most of us, it is hard to write about yourself. We don’t want to sound arrogant, but we have to sell ourselves. So how do you set up a resume? Below are some tips from a pair of vibrant ladies who have a combined 6years experience in the recruitment industry here in QLD, Australia.
Posted in business |
Posted by Shandell and Rialet, Entelect Solutions
16 Jun 2008
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