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At the day spa where I work as a beauty therapist, we specialise in pampering our clients and making their days spectacular. While this day seemed routine, I had no idea it would turn out to be beyond my wildest dreams! I was looking forward to a nice evening bush walk with some friends at the Natural Arch in Springbrook.
Posted in feature | Romantic Weekend Escape
Posted by Sarah Oostryck
01 Jun 2007
Dis nou ‘n nuwe ding ne? Self vir my wat maar ‘n rekenaar “nerd” is! Toe ek die eerste keer van ‘n potgooi hoor het ek regtig gedink dit het iets te doen met bobotie of so iets.
Posted in social | Afrikaanse Klub Australië
Posted by Philip Scott
01 Jun 2007
You know when you take part in a psychological experiment and you show up and there’s nobody there? And you wonder if it’s part of the experiment? Well, this morning BK feels a bit like that. I mean, how do they decide who plays against who in the Rugby World Cup? Who is in the same pool? Do they draw lots, or spit in their hands and hit it to see which way it flies (like we used to do as kids when we were lost in
the veld…)
Posted in humour | www.bosveldkoos.com
Posted by Bosveld Koos
01 Jun 2007
As beautiful as she is downto- earth, B105’s Camilla, strolls to meet me, the quintessential Aussie girlnext - door!
Posted in feature | See Camilla at B105
Posted by Gretel Breytenbach
01 Jun 2007
So there I stood, a soppy, bedraggled, forlorn mess, sobbing my heart out! After a moment’s hesitation, I abandoned my trolley (which refused to behave in any event and seemed to be possessed by some malevolent force), turned on my heel and ran out of the store!
Posted in community | Visit the South Africans in Australia Forum
Posted by Mandy Harris
01 Jun 2007
Who likes exercise!!! Like any normal person, I have my good days and my bad days. The days where I bust out of bed, and I’m ready to run a marathon and then the others…..where chocolate for breakfast is really not that bad!
Posted in lifestyle | The Zenergy Group
Posted by Josie Hebrard
01 Jun 2007
John and Sharon Russell had a dream. For too many years they watched excited families buy boats, only to sell them again a year or two later, because, it would seem, they never got to use them. Realising that lack of time and energy is a sad fact in most people’s lives, they wondered how they could better service the industry and make luxury boating accessible to more people. And so the
concept of Boatshare was born.
Posted in lifestyle | Visit Riviera Syndication
Posted by Gretel Breytenbach
01 Jun 2007
Local Fishing Guru, Roderick Walmsley says wife Yolanda believes that his fishing is more of an addiction than a passion. He agrees, saying “If I haven’t been fishing for a few days I get stroppy and she actually chases me out of the house to go and get my ‘fix’.” Rod began fishing at the age of 3, inspired and patiently guided by both his father and grandfather.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Roderick Walmsley
01 Jun 2007
Take a walk through Noosa National Park. Listen to the sound of the birds and smell the salt air as you choose one of the many different tracks through the park. Explore the rugged, intricate coastline or hideaway in one of the many coves.
Posted in lifestyle | Noosa Council
Posted by Melissa Keigher
01 Jun 2007
Having undergone a transition some time ago, in retrospect, some of us might have been in the “same boat”, at some point in time.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Pierre Bonnet
01 Jun 2007
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