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Are the Stellenbosch rules working? Doc Craven the rugby genius would have approved. A faster game, more fitness and way better to watch. After a confusing start most teams have adjusted and the Super 14 is dishing out some very attractive rugger with teams possessing skilful, fast and superior backlines dominating. The very future of the great game hinges on making the game into a spectacle that gets the juices going and inspires youngsters. One of the great aspects of rugby is its huge appeal to schoolboys – it has a position for every body shape and size - the body type team game - no one is left out. Have you been around a school on the weeks leading up to the rugby season? Well no other game comes close to generating the fenzy, anticipation and excitement of ‘the’ game. Willian Webb Ellis you absolute biscuit!

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Posted by Huguenot Hottentot
03 Apr 2008
Winter is once again upon us and with it will finally come the cooler weather. We can dust off our  eanies and jackets in preparation for a few early starts on the water. I really enjoy the winter months that bring with them the change of target species. Heading up the river under a shroud of mist in the early hours of the morning is what winter fishing is all about. Bream and blackfish show up in our river systems and are both very popular species for both the fisho’s out for a bit of sports fishing or those chasing a feed of fish.
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Posted by Roderick Walmsley
03 Apr 2008

If I told you the most you’ll ever have to pay at the vet for an accident or illness is $100, would you think that’s a good idea? Well that’s exactly what Pet Insurance can do for you. As we approach the end of the financial year don’t we all wish we could have a few more dollars left in our pocket? Big vet bills never come at a convenient time. Private health insurance for pets can absorb those costs and make your budgeting so much easier.

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Posted by Dr Kevin Cruickshank
03 Apr 2008

Uprooting oneself and moving across the world is a daunting challenge for even the toughest of us. And of course, one of the great concerns of any parent moving

countries has to be, “What will life be like for my children in this new land?” Happily, there are more and more stories of ex-South African children not only loving their new home, but achieving above and beyond their dreams in a place that offers so much opportunity to the young. Take for example the Theron family who have in the last four years, seen their daughters jump to the dizzying heights of success in competitive trampolining.
Posted in kids |
Posted by Loren Nel
03 Apr 2008
As an ex-South African, I can honestly say that I love my new life in Australia. This beautiful country has been very good to me and I have found myself settled and happy in the ‘new land’. Every now and then, however, especially when thumbing through old holiday albums or driving in the hinterland where the landscape is so reminiscent of the South African bush, I find myself nostalgic for open-topped land rovers, excited, albeit hushed, whispers trying to draw attention to some or other marvellous creature just out of sight in the shadowed bushes, and the crackling of a bonfire accompanied by the spine chilling coughs of a nearby lion, the nocturnal rumblings of an elephant or the snickering of a hyena.
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Posted by Loren Nel
03 Apr 2008

The end of the financial year in Australia is 30 June and is fast approaching.


The due date to lodge a tax return is 31 October 2008 unless it is prepared by a registered tax agent. So what can you do between now and the 30 June to ensure you pay just the right amount of tax?

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Posted by Patricia Bakker
03 Apr 2008

Lessons for Australian Investors

From the subprime mortgage crisis in the US: With investment markets still shaken by the credit meltdown in the sub-prime mortgage sector in the United States, now is a good time to spend some time looking at exactly where your money is invested.
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Posted by Richard Hill
03 Apr 2008

As the end of the financial year fast approaches, many investors become focused on tax effective borrowing. This is where an Interest in Advance Loan becomes extremely popular.


Interest in Advance Loans are comparable to most Fixed Rate and Interest only investment loans. The main and most important point of difference is that borrowers can pay the next year’s interest on the loan in advance, and in some circumstances claim it as a tax deduction for that current year.
Posted in financial |
Posted by Samantha & Nicole
03 Apr 2008
WARNING: The following information is highly sensitive and restricted to people who are seriously committed to living full and successful lives. It is not for cowards, victims, or the faint-hearted. A former friend (!) asked me some time back “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Hmm. Heaps of feedback in that question, don’t you think? Apart from the slightly obvious hint of conflict in our relationship, and the clear dig at my own communication style, it gave me cause for thought. My answer at the time was the retort “I am extremely rich, thank you very much, in the ways that really matter!” And that was true.
Posted in business |
Posted by Catherine Palin Brinkworth
03 Apr 2008
This is the second installment of a three-part series by Annemarie de Villiers giving practical advice on steps to take before emigrating to Australia. She speaks from experience as an expat born and raised in Johannesburg. She left South Africa nine years ago for the Netherlands, but after six years decided to go on a fabulous adventure and moved to Seoul, South Korea. A year ago they relocated to Sydney, where she lives in the Hills District. Annemarie is also the editor of a blog called Austrangelia: http://austrangelia.blogspot.com/
Posted in migration | Annemarie`s Blog
Posted by Annemarie de Villiers
02 Apr 2008
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