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The South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia (SAMVOA) is proud to bring to the Australian and New Zealand public, the opportunity to visit some of the battlefields that their forefathers might have fought on more than a century ago.
Posted in community |
Posted by Tony Macquet
26 Mar 2012
I've been talking a lot about systems to help make your business more efficient.
I believe these systems are crucial when it comes to running a profitable business. Of course, if you don't have any business to start with ... it doesn't help you much!
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
26 Mar 2012
It's funny (well it is to me) how sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads our newsletters ... and then one week we don't send out a newsletter and no-one shows up for breakfast!
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
20 Mar 2012
‘Where am I?' Cindy puzzled for a fleeting moment while drifting between an almost tangible dream and the reality of waking to a new morning. Everything around her was static – nothing moved. No wizzing traffic around her, no scurry of last-minute packing nor frenzy of weighing suitcases – tugging out that pair of shoes squashed in at the bottom and tipping the scales to a disadvantage - or lugging around of a laptop which belonged on top of which suitcase? Just static. Stillness. A real bed. No tight curled-up squeeze in the seat of a ‘plane. But then that had been several days before and only now, her days seemed to be recognizable and strangely unchanged.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Charlotte Stevens
20 Mar 2012
A group of local South African and Zimbabwean expats will this week launch an advertising campaign to thank Australia and their new hometowns on the Sunshine Coast for the warm welcome received upon their arrival to the community.
Posted in community |
Posted by Lani Wilson
07 Mar 2012
We have all heard the saying that the most important asset of any business is its employees, and yet, when it comes to buying a business, employment issues are commonly overlooked with due diligence usually focussed on financial performance.
Posted in business |
Posted by Mark Bunch
07 Mar 2012

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