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Rugby may well be the game played in heaven, but if we're not careful, it will be the ONLY place it is played!

We've been talking to some of the Australian Super 14 franchises, most notably the Reds and the Waratahs, about how the South African community in Australia can help ensure rugby survives. The way I see it, if the Australian franchises fail due to lack of support from fans then we may as well switch to watching rugby league, or just stick to watching the limited Currie Cup games to which we get access.

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Posted by Philip Scott
09 Feb 2010

It's amazing how things can happen in your own back yard, without you being aware of it. While it is no secret that I am a huge rugby fan, I have never paid much attention to the local club rugby scene. My rugby interest has pretty much revolved around the Super 14 and Tri-Nations tournaments, so it came as a huge surprise when I received a call from Lance Blackbeard, chairman of the Helensvale Rugby Club on the Gold Coast.

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Posted by Philip Scott
09 Feb 2010

Governor-General Hosts Reception for AABC NSW Chapter

The Governor-General Quentin Bryce and her husband Michael Bryce recently hosted a reception for the New South Wales (NSW) Chapter of the Australia Africa Business Council (AABC) at Admiralty House.

The reception was attended by members and friends of the AABC including representatives from the African Diplomatic Corp and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's NSW office.

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Posted by Anonymous
09 Feb 2010

Wow, how fast did 2009 fly by? I'm not sure if it could be considered a full year! We should be in 2009 and a half, not 2010.

I heard an interesting theory once. Actually it came from Shane Leite's dad, Bill. He suggests that every year feels shorter because it actually IS shorter when compared to the rest of your life.

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Posted by Philip Scott
09 Feb 2010

I recently saw a news article about Glenn Wheatley. You may recall he was John Farnham's manager, and went to jail for tax fraud back in 2007.

I was surprised that he was sent away for what, in the scheme of things, was not a lot of money. Tax evasion is tax evasion though, and without knowing all the background information, I did wonder what his relationship with his accountant was like – both before the indictment, and after.

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Posted by Craig Coetzee
09 Feb 2010

Australia's labour laws provide employees with a number of rights and entitlements that are quite different from those that exist in South Africa. This article highlights some of those rights and entitlements.

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Posted by Costa Brehas
09 Feb 2010


Bianca and I went out to dinner at Wellington Point's Legends Restaurant, which was having an African Feast evening where R200 gets you as much food as you want. The menu included oxtail, paella, chicken a la king, babotie, wors, pap and sous. Just when my belly button was about to pop off and my stomach burst open and scatter seven metres of intestines everywhere, they brought out the deserts, which included koeksusters, peppermint crisp pudding and melk tert. When we could take more we paid and rolled home.

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Posted by Migrant Saffa
09 Feb 2010

Ask any successful entrepreneur their secret to success and they'll tell you their secret lies in setting smart objectives and taking action. To get from where we are today to where we want to be in the future, we need a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

We all have more capacity than we believe we do. It doesn't matter what your objectives are, but rather your desire to reach it. Whether your smart goal is financial, personal or business, following these 10 steps will magnify your success.

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Posted by Carla Baldock
09 Feb 2010
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