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South Africa and Springbok rugby has experienced a truly amazing 2007 that took a lot of people by surprise, especially our friends in New Zealand.

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Posted by Huguenot Hottentot
16 Feb 2008

After managing to delay some renovation work at home for as long as possible my wife laid down the law and we started in earnest on the weekend. Local labour is lazy and ‘donders duur’

so we did the bathroom renovation ourselves. Saturday was fun and easy as I dismantled, chopped and ripped things out. Tyle and I spent more than 3 hours at the local hardware shop and had an Australian sausage sizzle, which is almost a boerie roll except with sausage wrapped in a slice of bread, more of a snack than a meal.
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Posted by Anonymous
16 Feb 2008

As I have said before, BK is not a political person: the doings of the leaders of this country, your country and the old country can only be described as a dark and mysterious art, resembling smoke and mirrors.

They must know what they are doing and how they are going to do it, because to BK it looks as they are walking around a dark room with a blindfold, but at the end of the day everything is still the same as it was yesterday and the day before.

Posted in humour | www.bosveldkoos.com
Posted by Bosveld Koos
16 Feb 2008
I’d be the first to admit that as an Afrikaner turned English through 18 years of being married to a New Zealander, the idea of going to an Afrikaans concert did not sound very appealing. Besides, I’ve been in Australia for 16 years. Give me Pink or Missy Higgins any day. Man, I’ll even go to a Dean Geyer concert for my wife’s benefit!
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Posted by Philip Scott
16 Feb 2008

The time around Valentine’s day is a time for reminiscing for me, as this was the time that I actually met my lovely wife. She often reminds me I took advantage of the fact that she was a timid “plaasmeisie” and I was a streetwise city bloke. We have been together now for more than 10 years and married for 5 of those and I recently received some truly special news and it looks like we will be having a little Aussie towards the end of April this year.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Roderick Walmsley
16 Feb 2008

Would you know what to look for if your pet had heart failure? Fortunately heart attacks are very rare in dogs and cats, but sadly heart disease is very common, especially in aging pets. It is one of those hidden problems that slowly creeps up on them, often simply put down to old age. But the sooner heart problems are detected, the greater chance there is of doing something about it.

Posted in community |
Posted by Dr Kevin Cruickshank BVSc
16 Feb 2008

Proving that hard work, personal, friendly service and quality care are still much appreciated these days, the Gold Coast Vet Surgery was recently voted “Best Vet” in the inaugural Paws & Claws Awards for Charity. At an Oscars’ style red-carpet gala dinner on Saturday 11 August ex-South Africans Drs Kevin and Fiona Cruickshank were extremely proud to receive this award on behalf of their practice.

Posted in business |
Posted by Anonymous
16 Feb 2008

In the last issue of Sabona we discussed the what, where and how of Social Networking. With Social Networking users can interact and contribute to the internet knowledge base in a “social”


In this issue I am going to show you how to angle “Social Networking” to be “Social Marketing” and how you can use it to promote and grow your business. Fortunes are now being made

by those who capitalize on the social media world.
Posted in marketing | ShaneLeite.com
Posted by Shane Leite
16 Feb 2008

Gone are the days where an interview for a home loan is a one sided affair where the lenders asks all the questions. You now have the right to ask a few questions of your own.  

Here are a few things you should get answers to before deciding which home loan is right for you:
Posted in financial |
Posted by Samantha & Nicole I Samcol Finance
16 Feb 2008

Imagine this - it is early 2005 and you are 58 years old.  

You have decided to reduce your working hours to 3 days a week. The only difficulty you have is that you need 5 days income in order to maintain your lifestyle. But that is OK.... as you

have a reasonable amount put aside in superannuation. Why not start to draw a small pension from your super account to cover the shortfall in income?

Posted in financial |
Posted by Richard Hill I Tauras Financial
16 Feb 2008
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