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When Hungry, Eat by Joanne Fedler should be set reading for any woman who has plans to or already has migrated from South Africa to Australia. Joanne has been able to put in to words what most of us have trouble sorting out in our minds.
Posted in books |
Posted by Mandy Andrews
17 Dec 2011
SAMVOA (South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia) was formed in Melbourne, Victoria on 3rd of June 2004. Currently there are branches in all the Australian capital cities and two in New Zealand.
Posted in community |
Posted by Garth A Pienaar
17 Dec 2011
Up to now I've been all talk, and haven't delivered any proof of successes with all my talk about systems.
Posted in business | Island Printing and Design
Posted by Philip Scott
14 Dec 2011
My in-laws were avid collectors of South African artists. My husband use to tease them by saying their house looks like an art gallery. After their passing, our home has become the gallery.
Posted in community | ArcyArt
Posted by Helena Pretorius
10 Dec 2011
When we first arrived in Australia back in 1998 one of the first things that caught my attention was the high prices for jewellery. (I am actually a computer guy but used to make jewellery as a hobby in South Africa)
Posted in lifestyle | Mikes Designs
Posted by Kevin Bowden
10 Dec 2011
If you grew up in South Africa then it's almost a guarantee that you have stumbled across the story of Racheltjie De Beer, the Voortrekker girl who, after getting lost with her younger brother during a snowstorm, uses her body to shelter him from the cold, sacrificing her life for his.
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02 Dec 2011
The plane droned on. Seat lights were dimmed and there was a subdued atmosphere on board. Was this due to the fact that many passengers were heading on home, leaving their loved-ones behind, as she was? Or perhaps this was just her imagination.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Charlotte Stevens
02 Dec 2011

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