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Must Do, Must See, Must Taste…While in Franschhoek

May and June are good months of the year to visit. It's off season, there are winter packages available with affordable stayovers, and visitors have the opportunity to do Franschhoek the way the locals do.

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Posted by Jean Wethmar
10 Dec 2009

Spotlight on An Author: Sheryl McCorry

Sheryl McCorry's first book Diamonds & Dust became a bestseller after it was published two years ago. Her second book Stars over Shiralee tells more about her life from where the first ended. I read the second book first, but rushed to my library to borrow a copy of Diamonds & Dust as soon as I'd finished her second memoir. Sheryl became the first women in the Kimberley to run two million-acre cattle stations. She writes in a real down-to-earth way and it's wonderful to hear about life on the cattle ranches of regional Australia. It's certainly foreign to South Africans, but interestingly it's also very different to the lives of most Australians.

Posted in books |
Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
10 Dec 2009

South African military history has always held my interest. It comes as no surprise because four generations of my family served in the military and various wars and I have 22 sets of family medals in my collection. Even after spending over 30 years in Australia, I am as keen as ever on the subject, and have recently written three books, two of which are about the Boer War.

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Posted by Dave George
10 Dec 2009

When I arrived in Australia in August 2007, the first question everyone asked me was: "Who do you support?"

Being a World Cup year, my reply was always the same: The Boks! I was usually given the evil eye and I just assumed it was because I hadn't picked the Wallabies. It soon became apparent I had no idea what they were on about.

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Posted by Delwynne Fife
10 Dec 2009

The recent formation of the Gold Coast's own A league football team, Gold Coast United, was the inspiration for a group of under-fit and overweight mainly ex-South African migrants to decide to get back on the soccer field.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Dave Robinson
10 Dec 2009

When the Springboks or any other South African team touches down in Perth the West Australian Rugby Union know to call the Shamboks, a rugby team for the over 35s consisting mainly of ex-South African and ex-Zimbabwean members.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Rozanne van der Heijden
10 Dec 2009

The Mitsubishi Lancer has a well known and respected history of competing in the World Rally Championship and the Dakar Rally. These are arguably the two toughest races on the planet, yet Mitsubishi has always managed to stay in the upper echelons of the competitors. One of the primary benefits of being involved in competitive motorsport is that the use of cutting edge technology to keep you ahead of the pack on the race track will slowly migrate south into the road cars, benefiting the consumers.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Ryan Broadfoot
10 Dec 2009

Die Afrikaanse Klub gholfdag is vanjaar op 17 Oktober op die North Lakes baan noord van Brisbane gehou. Ons het besluit om die jaar 'n meer ‘formele' gholfdag te hou en die manne met die stokke is behoorlik getoets op die baan wat onder die top 100 gholfbane in Australië tel.

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Posted by Anonymous
10 Dec 2009

It goes without saying that the current financial downturn has brought home some very hard truths. The vital phrase “cash will always be king” for example, should be fixed in every business owner's mind for life. Most business owners spend a lot of time, money and effort focussing on the ‘bigger picture'. However, the main reason most businesses fail during a period of growth or downturn is due to a lack of cash flow rather than a lack of profit.

Posted in business |
Posted by Craig Coetzee
10 Dec 2009

Business succession agreements play an important role in ensuring that a business and its owners are protected in the event of the voluntary departure of an owner, or an unexpected event. In short, establishing a business succession agreement together with comprehensive insurance can help prevent future complications.

Posted in business |
Posted by Richard Hill
10 Dec 2009
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