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My funny old Dad used to ask us ‘What ticks, and it's often found on a wall?' Of course our first answer was a clock. ‘No,' he said. ‘Ticky paper'.
Here's what I notice in my life every day. Ticky fingers. Hanging on...
Posted in business |
Posted by Catherine Palin Brinkworth
27 Nov 2007
I recently received an email trying to sell me a course on effective communication. The title was “Business building without people skills is a recipe for disaster …”
My dad used to say that sales people are the worst kind, “don't ever become a salesman” he used to say.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
27 Nov 2007

An Investment Dilemma

Posted in business |
Posted by Richard Hill
27 Nov 2007
Making change happens for the benefit of everyone, but it takes vision, planning, personal drive and personal leadership.
As a woman in business it is often very hard to implement change in our business because it takes some very tough decisions and even the possible need to let some staff go to achieve the intended goals...
Posted in business |
Posted by Christine Walker
26 Nov 2007
Using tax to maximise property profits.
You may be considering buying property or have already sealed the deal. If you want to maximise your return from the property you need to make sure that you take advantage of all possible tax benefits while you have ownership of the property.
Posted in financial |
Posted by Patricia Bakker
26 Nov 2007

Social Networking on the Internet. Your network of friends, relatives and associates is the most important asset of your life. Through this network, you are able to find relationships, clients, or businesses opportunities; the opportunities are endless. There are HUGE benefits to leveraging off the people you know, YOUR NETWORK!

Posted in business |
Posted by Shane Leite
26 Nov 2007
What are the Pros and Cons of an Investment Property?
When looking to purchase an investment property, the most important things to consider is its potential for capital growth and the maximum rental incomes you can receive.
Posted in financial |
Posted by Samantha & Nicole
26 Nov 2007
At the tender age of 11, I fell in love with the Karate Kid. He was a beautiful “underdog” who, with the help of “Mr Miagi” took on the bullies and won! On the big screen, the fight sequences were breathtaking, but what was more impressive to this younger version of me, was the story of a young man, who faces his fears and conquers them.
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Posted by
25 Nov 2007
...an unlikely pair. As we all find out sooner or later and some the hard way, the Australian Magpie is not quite what you expect in a bird. They are renowned for their extreme and frightening behaviour, which they get away with all in the name territorialism. They pick fights with each other and dive bomb humans who they take a disliking to and they can remember which ones they don’t like too which is very unnerving if you happen to be on that list.
Posted in social |
Posted by Tracey Purdon
25 Nov 2007
Itchy and Scratchy?
For many pets summer is not a time of bliss. The constant itching and scratching caused by skin allergies is not only frustrating for the animal, but also extremely annoying for the owners! In this issue we will explore the causes and signs of skin allergies and what you can do to help.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Dr Kevin Cruickshank
25 Nov 2007
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