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Just 240 kilometres south of the Australian continent lies the beautiful little unspoilt gem of Tasmania. This island state has a population of around 500,000, most of whom reside around the capital Hobart. Whilst Hobart is a lively city, about 40% of Tasmania consists of largely undiscovered areas contained in protected reserves and natural heritage sites. Despite covering such a small area (just over 68,000 square kilometres), Tasmania is immensely diverse and offers some of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the world. Whether you like lounging in one of the many quaint coffee shops, dining in an excellent restaurant whilst watching the sunset, bushwalking across unspoilt nature, sailing or just enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon at the world famous Salamanca Market, Tasmania will delight you with a surprise around each and every corner.

Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Blyde Neser
27 Oct 2011

I did not know what to expect when I opened this book, however I discovered a well written tale of South African life and why we are who we are, generally speaking.

Richard describes the South Africa he knew as a child growing up in the 1970's as:

“‘Before' South Africa is slow and heavy-lidded, greyish pale, tight-lipped and grim. ‘After' is vibrant, dangerously nimble, ever-shifting, and bright - bright with the colours of Africa inexorably moving south to claim this once negative space.”

Posted in books |
Posted by Joan Kaczmarek
27 Oct 2011
Yes, I know I am a geek, but surely no one can argue that when technology is used well, it is not only brilliant but a pleasure to use.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
25 Oct 2011
An international relocation will always have hidden costs, despite your best efforts. That does not mean you should not try though! Saving money where you can will be worth it, so when those hidden costs occur, you can ride the storm.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Robyn V - Personnel Relocations
20 Oct 2011
You know there are three kinds of people – those who make it happen, those who let it happen and those who wonder what happened!
Posted in business |
Posted by Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP M.AppSci
18 Oct 2011
An exhibition inspired by life experiences from Zimbabwe to Kununurra, expressed in a collection of work by local award winning artist Paula Wiegmink.
Posted in community |
Posted by Paula Wiegmink Artist/Author
14 Oct 2011
When Hungry, Eat by Joanne Fedler should be set reading for any woman that has plans to or already has migrated from South Africa to Australia. Joanne has been able to put in to words what most of us have trouble sorting out in our minds.
Posted in books |
Posted by Mandy Andrews
14 Oct 2011
Hi, hullo, howzit, groete, aangename kennis, never mind Australian greetings, which could include anything from Hey to Giday!
Posted in migration | Psychologist
Posted by Ruane Lipkie
06 Oct 2011

How do you respond when hearing frightening statistics like these?

Reported statistics of the AIDS/HIV pandemic in South Africa
Posted in community | Australia AIDS South Africa Inc
Posted by Oscar Visagie
06 Oct 2011
I've been in Australia for 20 years now! Yes I know, this is a ridiculously long time, but I do love this country.
What I don't love, is that the general Australian public does not share my love of rugby! This past weekend we had the NRL and AFL grand finals, and as a result people every were skipping work on Monday, yet Sunday's huge game between the Springboks and the Wallabies hardly get a mention.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Philip Scott
05 Oct 2011

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