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A regular column by our local decorator, Deborah Atkins.
In each issue Deborah will address a decorating problem, so send in your questions and queries (photos will help too) and we will feature a solution in each issue. Interiors should never be static and unchanging. Moods change, lifestyles evolve and seasons bring their own magic.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Deborah Atkins
29 Oct 2008
In a large saucepan, heat the oil , add the Curry Mix, onion, garlic, apple, kaffir lime leaves and ginger. Stir fry gently over medium heat till fragrant. Add the tomato paste and tomatoes, fish stock and coconut milk - cook for a few minutes, then add salt. Add lemons.
Posted in recipes | Maleny Queensland
Posted by Matilda Scarfe
29 Oct 2008

What’s it like being a vet? How do you train to be a vet? These are questions I am frequently asked. And while it’s a popular career aspiration, the reality is that it is a very hard career. Hard to get into university for, hard to stay in university and hard work once you’re qualified!!

Posted in feature |
Posted by Dr Kevin Cruickshank
29 Oct 2008
It dawned on me that the outlaws had left when I noticed that the recycle bin was less than half full of empty bottles on collection day and my tapeworm has been very restless of late. It was sad to say good buy to the ‘old tops’ as the house feels strangely empty but looks like a cyclone moved through it over the weekend and no international relief aid evident this morning. Last week included some historical events in our family beginning with the discovery of a chicken egg in the chook cage. Considering the bantam’s egg was easily as large as one found in the jumbo pack at the supermarket I have my suspicions that she has either been struggling over the last few weeks to dilate her sphincter or Oupa had a quiet chuckle to himself on the plane home. Next was Keal who lost his first tooth for which the tooth mouse paid handsomely.
Posted in migration |
Posted by Anonymous
29 Oct 2008
The rugby season seems to get longer and longer, February to December for some players. In a high contact sport where the public demands high quality games, is this asking too much from the players? This will certainly start testing the depth of some nations and without a shadowof a doubt New Zealand comes up trumps in this department. They have recently lost over 20 players to Europe but still managed to win the Tri Nations. In the Super 14 their teams tend to finish higher on the ladder than the Australian and South African franchises. But it will continue as TV dictates the rugby schedules catering for the international mass market.
Posted in feature |
Posted by Huegnot Hottentot
29 Oct 2008
Unlike the position in South Africa, employment relationships in Australia are heavily regulated. Any South African who intends to become an employer or an employee in Australia should be aware of the general employment arrangements in Australia which are outlined below.
Posted in humour |
Posted by Costa Brehas
29 Oct 2008
Finally! An experienced, independent agent offering a long sought after service who understands wanting out from your lease early does not make you a bad tenant! Of course, we categorically do not subscribe to or encourage this practice; rather, as licensed and registered real estate agent, LetOnly.com considers it our duty of care to control and manage the potential fall out of this unfortunate event as professionally and efficiently as possible.
Posted in community |
Posted by Pia Rousseau
29 Oct 2008
Each athlete was different in appearance and attitude; some were aggressive and others had a more laidback approach. Some who were determined to take home a medal and others were just delighted to have reached this level of competition; the memory of having competed on the world stage enough to have given their life some significance.
Posted in financial |
Posted by Colin Mackie
29 Oct 2008
It’s supposed to be a children’s poem – but it’s perfect for we larger beings too, don’t you think? And so it is with education and learning. Rightly, we focus tremendous energy on creating the best learning environment fo our children. The mental, physical and emotional development that takes place in their early years will be imprinted for life, and it is our responsibility as their careers and guardians, whether they are biologically our children or not, to gift them the best possible foundation. It matters to me, and I am sure to you, that children everywhere are supported and nurtured.
Posted in feature |
Posted by Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
29 Oct 2008
It all started with a party…. you know the kind most of us feel obliged to attend, because one of our friends has been so gracious to host one, for example Tupperware! (By the way, I am an avid lover of Tupperware!)
Posted in feature |
Posted by Gretel Breytenbach
29 Oct 2008
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