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Jonathan Butler made a name for himself in the U.S. with his self-titled album, Jonathan Butler, back in 1987. Twenty four years later, he is a Grammy nominated guitarist and singer who sings and plays across many genres, including contemporary jazz, R&B, gospel and adult pop. Through it all, he has remained true to his musical and cultural heritage, weaving the rhythms of his native South Africa into his music. Since the apartheid system officially ended and was replaced by a democracy in 1994, Jonathan Butler was free to return to his homeland, after many, many years, and make music.
Posted in community |
Posted by Beryl Segers
13 Feb 2012
Oh and I just HAVE to tell you about the next stage in our systems development! You didn't think it was going to stop at quoting did you?
Once we started winning all these now jobs (on top of the jobs that came in as re-orders!) we needed to make sure we stay on top of things!
I can't say they didn't previously have a system ... they did.Most new jobs had a little job bag with notesstored in it, samples etc. Good idea hey?
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
31 Jan 2012
Last November, I flew to Johannesburg to spend some time visiting relatives and do some travelling before I begin a new job in Melbourne, in February this year. When I decided to go over to SA in about May 2011 my initial plan was to work for my Aunt's business as I would be based at her home in the South of Johannesburg. By the time I actually booked my flights, it was close to the end of August and I then began thinking about the fact that I did not actually need to work and would rather spend my time volunteering. I decided immediately that I would visit Nkosi's Haven, a home for destitute HIV/AIDS infected mothers, their children, and resulting AIDS orphans (infected or not). At the end of September, I then decided to do some fundraising; my initial goal being $500.
Posted in community |
Posted by Caitlyn Black
29 Jan 2012
Wow, what a week!
We've been doing a lot of quotes using our new quote system, and improving it a little as we go.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
24 Jan 2012
Australian Wallaby and Western Force flanker, author and charity worker, David Pocock, 23 years old, has been honoured today with recognition on a special issue of stamps, Australian Legends, celebrating Australia's greatest in the football codes. David has been recognized for both his performance over 40 tests and his tireless charity work.
Posted in lifestyle |
Posted by Guest
20 Jan 2012

I sometimes wonder why I need to be twelve thousand kilometres away from all the precious memories that had become engrained in me. Maybe this is for me to hear a touching story of people that do not necessarily share my culture, a story that has stayed with me since I heard it.

“Grantham is a tiny town west of Brisbane, in the Lockyer Valley that was devastated by flash floods on the 10th of January 2011. Many people have tragically lost their lives, homes and businesses with much of the town destroyed. The town has become known as “Australia's Ground Zero”. (Yahoo News, 15 January, 2011)

Posted in community |
Posted by Dr James Scott
19 Jan 2012

Review in “BLACK POWDER” magazine (UK). By: Alan Overton.

Members may recall that this book was previewed by me in these pages in the autumn; my own copy has now arrived and far exceeds the very high expectations that I had formed of it.

Posted in books |
Posted by Alan Overton
19 Jan 2012
Rifle Carvings from the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: deur Dave C. George
(Part One and Part Two)
Posted in books |
Posted by Dave C. George
19 Jan 2012
Last week I told you how had to move equipment around to arrange them in a more logical order.
The next step was to identify where most of the time wasting occurs so we can make the business more efficient. Yes I know bringing in business is vital, but we did not want to get into that spiral where you end up busy being busy.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
18 Jan 2012
Jonathan Butler, South Africa's favourite Grammy nominated son is heading to our Australian shores in February 2012!
Posted in social |
Posted by Beryl Segers
15 Jan 2012
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