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South Africa's iconic supergroup Mango Groove are considering touring Australia in early 2014 to bring their unique blend of township jive and pop to not only the large number of Southern Africans now living in Australia but also to give Australians a taste of the joyous sounds of South African music.

Posted in social | www.mangogroove.co.za
Posted by Tony Lock
19 Jun 2013

This is an interesting telling of the early years in Southern Africa as depicted by the lives of the men and women who become the chief characters of this interesting historical novel. The characters who contribute to the variety in this story of the late nineteenth, early twentieth century are almost larger than life and the very expressive use of English by the author ensures that every nuance of description is used in the telling. The women are portrayed as being emotionally strong with an insight into the ways of men and of using those quirks to their advantage or to suit their purposes whilst the men are usually strong and robust.

Posted in books | www.injasani.com
Posted by S.L.Swart
31 May 2013

Stan Daneman's new compelling ebook on South Africa was published in December 2012. This unique book is narrated by Professor Marula – an old tree and Elder Statesman in South Africa. He recalls the changing scene in the country over his long life time

Posted in books |
Posted by Stan Daneman
22 Apr 2013

IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championships is the highest profile IRONMAN triathlon event outside of the World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and is in Melbourne for the second year running. Only 2200 competitors are able to take part in this gruelling event, which has already made history by selling out individual competitor places in a world record time of less than FOUR minutes.

Posted in lifestyle | Personnel Relocations
Posted by Robyn V
15 Mar 2013

Christmas is nearly upon us (in case you failed to notice all the signage and bling that's been adorning every retail outlet ever since Easter!) and as if you didn't have enough to worry about, spare a thought for your pets at this time. If you're anything like my mother, your pet probably gets its own Christmas present and individual plum pudding, but this can be a hazardous time for pets, so I've put together a Christmas survival check list to ensure your pets get through this time smoothly.

Posted in lifestyle | Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery
Posted by Justin Ward
21 Dec 2012

The name Racheltjie de Beer is one that conjures up many memories and emotions for those who have heard her story and this beloved folktale has been given a fresh breath of life by a local filmmaker.

The Story of Racheltjie de Beer is an adaptation set in the 1800's and tells the account of the De Beer family who, after their wagon breaks down, are forced to find shelter on a local farm in the Eastern Free State. Winter is on it's way and, as dark clouds laden with snow roll in over the Drakensberg, tragedy strikes the family.

Posted in books | brettmichaelinnes.com
Posted by Guest
18 Sep 2012

Your tax accountant in your newly adopted country was horrified to learn about the house/ property owned by your South African trust? It gets even more complicated if the property is registered in a close corporation (CC)/ company which is owned by that trust.

Have you been stung by the not-so-friendly double tax agreements, which allow you to be taxed on the rental income in two countries but denies you any tax credit?

Posted in migration |
Posted by Mariette Janse van Rensburg
27 Aug 2012

Ella Wheeler Wilcox:

One ship sails East,
And another West,
By the self-same winds that blow,
Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales,
That tells the way we go.

Talking ‘Bottle Shops…

I remember the days when buying alcohol/wine had a real ‘air of occasion'! You only bought wines if you were having a dinner party! Maybe that was before I discovered quite how delightful a good glass of red can be!

Posted in social |
Posted by Jean Wethmar
28 May 2012

Spud which is the most successful book in South African publishing history is now a film and will be released in Australia on April 19,2012. Starring John Cleese and Perth-based Troye Sivan the film topped the South African box office during the 2010 Christmas holidays and will be available to Australia audiences next month.

Like the novel, the film is set in 1990's South Africa. Two major events are about to happen: The release of Nelson Mandela and, more importantly, it's Spud Milton's (Sivan) first year at an elite boys only private boarding school.

Posted in social |
Posted by Pinnacle Films
12 Apr 2012
One of the toughest people to win over (when I'm talking business and/or systems of course), is my wife!
I'd be the first to admit that I am not normally the most organised person in the world ... which according to her is why I need systems! And she's right! If it wasn't for the systems we've implemented our businesses would be a mess.
Posted in business |
Posted by Philip Scott
11 Apr 2012
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